• Since Roe v. Wade, Abortions Have Been Restricted

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes that Roe v. Wade gave abortion foes a target to erode abortion rights. That's exactly what happened on a state-by-state basis where more and more women have had their abortion rights restricted since 1973. Ginsburg believes that the opposite was happening until the court decision, meaning abortion was becoming more mainstream rather than restricted. I would say her assessment of the facts is correct, because that is exactly what happened.

  • Speaking from a good place

    There really is not a reason to be questioning Roe vs Wade at this point, since abortion is such a big issue in politics, but Ginsberg isn't against abortion - the opposite. Ginsberg says she's be in favor of striking it down so as to codify the right to abortion in law.

  • Ginsburg is opinionated, but correct in logic.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is cited as one of the more liberal judges on the supreme court. Her policies supporting the Roe v. Wade decision have continued to keep the decision safe. Her comments often are less concerned with the fetus and more on the mother, and her life after. Those that think her quotes are inappropriate probably do not consider the decision, nor the implications left on a life tied to a child that a person was not prepared for.

  • Yes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes on abortion are appropriate.

    Even though I do not agree with them, I think that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes are appropriate. The topic of abortion is always going to be a controversial one where people from both sides of the argument are going to have a strong opinion. I think that Ruth's opinions are no different than those on the liberal side of the argument.

  • They should not comment.

    No, I do not believe that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's quotes on abortion are appropriate, because it is unfair for Ginsburg, as a Supreme Court justice, to undermine prior courts. As an attorney, I am not allowed to criticize court opinions, because it will make people distrust the court. But Ginsburg can say that the abortion ruling did not go far enough. It is a double standard.

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