Do you believe that Sanders is a better presidential candidate than Clinton?

  • Sanders is one of the few who want to get business out of politics

    When looking at social issues Sanders is the best choice, I mean a lot of the problems that we are facing, Sanders has part of their resistance.
    Examples include: broken race relations, who better then a person that has been part of the civil rights movement since MLK was alive.
    Hillary showed that she was uneducated, when being interviewed by BLM members
    Same sex rights, Sanders was campaigning for it before it was a popular issue
    Hillary came out publicly against it in 2003 (then changed her mind when people started being pro same sex rights.
    The unstable middle east, Bernie was against the war in Iraq, and almost predicted exactly what did happen when trying to convince his coworkers to not go to war.
    Hillary was for the war in Iraq, and later said that it was a mistake.
    Sanders has talked out against taking election bribe money and hasn't taken any major campaign donations
    Hillary has talked out against election bribe money, but has taken enormous checks from large business that certainly aren't doing it for the fun of it.
    Sanders has never supported the patriot act, that aloud the government to spy on it's own people without having any reason to make them suspect a person.
    Twice Hillary had voted yes to a low the government to spy on it's own people.
    These are just some of the reasons why Bernie is a better choice then Hillary,

  • Clinton is entrenched in corporations.

    Clinton is all about corporate interests. This makes Sanders a better candidate for me. Everyone needs to make their own choice here, but for me, he's better. If you care about corporations getting ahead you may want to vote for her. If you care about the little guy, you may want to vote for him.

  • No, Sanders is not a better candidate than Clinton

    No, sanders is not a better presidential candidate than Clinton. If elected, Hilary Clinton will
    be the first female president. This is very significant for many females around the country. Furthermore, Clinton has strong ties to a political party and a platform whereas Sanders is an independent causing people to have to wonder about his stance on some issues.

  • As much as I like a lot of Sanders' ideas he's not the best candidate for President.

    I am a fan of Bernie Sanders and his ideas for changing how we pay for college and health care, he is not the best candidate for President of the United States. He has not expressed a clear defined policy for the Middle East, while at the same time attacking the polices of President Obama.

  • No I disagree

    I think Hillary Clinton will make a much better president than Sanders. I think Sanders is extreme with his campaign promises, whereas Clinton - who has plenty of experience in the White House due to her husband - has made more realistic campaign promises. Sanders is a lot of talk.

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