Do you believe that self-driving cars are a beneficial possibility for the future of mobility?

  • Google Maps !

    Today, google maps can tell you where you are, where to go, and where exactly every other car with a cell on it is.
    If a google car was to drive you places, you'd be the one programming it. Ask for the fastest route, or map one yourself.
    Don't you realize how eliminating room for human error will be a savior for the people who suffer the 19K deaths by car accidents per year?

  • Self-driving cars increase avaiblitly to transport for the handicapped.

    I believe that self driving cars represent a significant step forward in transportation technology. the ability of self driving cars to navigate traffic without the input of a driver drastically increases the ability of handicapped people to take control of their own mobility and not rely so heavily on others.

  • Much Safer with Driver-less Cars

    Driver-less cars can correct many human-made mistakes and don't have urges to do the wrong thing. Instead they can be able to predict red lights and spot cars at night.Even if there are technological bugs, there won't be nearly as many accidents and therefore lees deaths on the road anually.

    Posted by: TeyN
  • A good future, an iffy present

    Google Maps is the reason that I'm apprehensive about self-driving cars today. It can't even get me to work without some hiccup or random turn-around or spontaneously changing my route. I have a nice phone, and it's not exactly stable. They would have to seriously prove to me that it was worth taking a risk on.

    That means more than simply touting the "They drove 500,000 miles without an accident! They're better than people!" line. Get into specifics, I'm about to trust my life to your device in a very real way...

  • Yes, self-driving cars have a lot of potential.

    Self-driving cars are a beneficial possibility for the future of mobility. Currently, the general public does not trust self-driving cars due to a certain "lack of control." However, looking into the statistics of success rate in self-driving cars, the success rate in auto-pilot cars is higher than cars driven by humans.

  • Safe driving safe world

    Having cars be self driven could lead to less car accidents. And they would always do the speed limit. People into todays generation don't even care how fast they are going or the consequences of reckless driving. Now if we have self driving cars people that are foolish or go to a party and get hammered can make it home safe that that its ok for them to be drunk.

  • More and More Science

    Though the cars could be hacked, there would probably be less crashes, and technically no drunk driving. This car could reduce pollution or even cycles pollution through the car's engine and come out some sort of gas other than a greenhouse gas, and more and better science could be brought forward by these self-driving cars.

  • They are safe!

    Driverless cars havedriven over a half a million miles (804,672 kilometers) without a crash. Human drivers get in an accident about every half a million miles (804,672 kilometers) on average in the United States, so either the Google cars are due, or they're going to out-drive humans yet again.

  • Yes i agree to disagree

    I think that i should be president of canadas beach team cause i ate an balonely sandwich in my cookies and also i sshould be an super sayian god cause i am an igellal turtle from new york that ate micheal jackson and cars go fast and sound loud but they should go as fast as an baby turtle

  • Of course it's a beneficial possibility but there are some issues.

    Self-driving cars are beneficial to society in many ways in concept. Using self-driving cars prevent car accidents which is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths each year and even more injury. It directly removes the incompetence or drunk driving factor from driving which will surely decrease the amount of car accidents. The concept is that each self-driving car would be aware of all the other cars around them and it would also lead to higher speed limits and so on.

    The only issues that need to be addressed is handling the software in terms of preventing malfunctions or malicious attacks on the software.

  • NO because ....

    What if theres a bug in the car not a real bug but a technological bug and the car crashes then you die kuehfief eij j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j j j j jj j j j j

  • It wont work

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  • No good the cars

    No because if we have self driving car we can have a lot of problems with a self driving car which could have a bad impact on people in the world that is why I disagree with self driving cars they are bad for the people by by by by

  • Too many problems.

    My main concern is the programming. A self driving car would need various types. One to handle navigation, one to handle traffic. And another to handle it's own functions.
    Navigation would require updates that would need to be downloaded from some outside source. Problem is, some hackers would love to mess with others and hack into the system just for kicks. Like have everyone be sent on a course to the same address.
    The most complex program would be the one that handles traffic. Sure, it may communicate with other vehicles to make traffic smoother but it also has to compensate for random pedestrians, changing weather, and road conditions. Because it would have to work with the navigation program, it too may get hacked. Imagine if it was hacked by a terrorist group.
    The vehicle would also need a self monitoring system. Most cars already have something similar but it too would likely need to be connected with the other systems thus at risk.
    If anyone hacks into the system that the vehicles use for downloads, the result would be catastrophic. The only way something like that would be a reasonable choice is if the system was unhackable. Ya, right. The moment someone claims a system is unhackable, hackers line up trying to be the first to prove them wrong, and the best way to prove it would be to mess with it. To make things worse, there would also be other hackers with more than just practical jokes in mind.

  • No I disagree

    I guess really we'll have to wait and see how these things work, but the concept of self-driving cars is a bit scary. Though, on the other hand, there are so many bad drivers out there on the road that possibly self-driving cars could be better. It is tough to say.

  • No, unless we find reliable renewable energy sources.

    We are going to run out of oil soon, so unless we find sustainable energy sources to replace it, we need to think differently. If there is an oil shortage (which should happen soon), we need to have more public transportation, like buses and trains, so that more people can travel with less energy expenditure. In that case, self-driving buses would be good, but self-driving cars for each individual will not be ideal.

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