• I am a victim

    At work i get my ass touched by some of the four women i work with. They slap and pinch, they touch my firm muscles and feel my face cheeks. All of them are married, but im being objectified. The thing is they cant help it because they just want the "D" they go crazy for me ;D
    So yes men are victims of sexism.

  • Less than there is towards women, but yes.

    Of course there is! Just not as much as there is towards women. Like, people saying men aren't allowed to do ballet is sexist. Unfortunately though, most sexism id from men towards women...

    I just wrote this sentence to fill up the rest of the words that were needed to continue.

  • People never really take it seriously.

    Men need to look a certain way, at a certain way, do certain things and live up to the standards of society like women do. If they complain about it then they're just being a p***y, but then when women do it it's considered "Feminism." Doesn't make much sense to me.

  • Can't be Raped Abused Nothing Came Cheered and Lucky to Be Harrased

    I once had a crazy stalker anytime I talked about it people thought it was bragging I was scared and she constantly tried to attack if you go to the police speaking about abuse from a woman they'll laugh at you the law is so specific to make it impossible to call a female a rapist it doesn't include the million possibilities women can force you it's just when a man forces penetration then if you get a false accusation it ruins your life whereas things like the imaginary wage gap that's due to degrees in gender studies not getting jobs by choice and yelling at men and the main systematic oppression isn't there yes women are more likely to be harassed in public but they can do more about it and it's terrifying how people can justify the way we treat men with the patriarchy and oh they need to man up get over it not caring for their trauma when in reality men can't say they're victims ever and they can have lives ruined but no one cares so not only does sexism against men exist but it's a way huger issue than made out to be

  • Yes it still exists.

    While women bear the brunt of most sexism, men also suffer from it as well. Men are belittled if they do a job (nurse for example) which is considered "womanly" which reveals sexists attitudes that men are weak if they participate in something considered a women's role and prevents men from participating in the job they want.

  • Not In The Typical Sense

    There are many things that unfairly affect men in modern society, however they are caused by the same social systems and gender roles that unfairly affect women. The "Patriarchy" is the cause of both of these.

    Feminist movements are killing two birds with one stone. And any remaining social issues are likely to be dealt with after the fact.

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