• Yes, social lives are determined by social networking to a large extent.

    Social networking has become such a normal part of the lives of not just youth, but everyone, that it naturally has an effect on real social lives. People use facebook, twitter, and other services to announce so many different things to the world that it is only natural that it will have an impact on your work, friends, and other aspects of your life.

  • Yes, your online presence is all there is.

    Yes, I have seen so many teenagers and young twenty-somethings whose social lives revolve around their online persona. Their social lives consist of live messaging, texting, Skyping and browsing profiles on Ok Cupid. This pretty much fills their evenings. I do not think people know how to date face to face in real life anymore.

  • It Is Getting That Way

    It seems the more social media dominates the world, the more people know about you, that you have never met. Every website you sign up for now, seems to have your whole profile online, and after so many, seem to have kind of a story that can be painted about a person.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I think that our social lives are determined a lot by the on line presence. Almost everyone has a facebook, and commonly posts things that they are doing trying to get more friends and trying to get people to see what they put up and for them to like it.

  • Social Lives Presence

    I personally think that social lives are not determined by on line presence it is based on that person and how they feel about online as well as if they want a social life to live. I personally think social lives are not determined by online presence it is determined by the individual.

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