Do you believe that some people don't deserve to have children?

Asked by: IreneStar
  • People should earn the right to have children

    In a modern future society people should prove themselves worthy to raise a child before they have one. Governments should regulate who is allowed to have childrens on a very strict criteria based on how good the parents are. This way we will have a better new generation of people where education will be at its highest level and criminality at the lowest.
    We need quality over quantity. This is also how we will fix the problem of global over population

    Adrian C

  • Some people wouldn't be good parents.

    In every society in the world there are bad people. People who would lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they want, would those people make good parents? I think not. Even if those people do want children, they would not be suited to raising a healthy child, and their mental status alone would deem them, in my eyes, to be undeserving of children.

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