Do you believe that string theory will be correct?

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  • Yes, it could be proven if the theoretical physicist are allowed to pursue the theory and religious idiots would die out.

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    String theories are constructed on a background of space-time coordinates, so physicists assume relativity is part of the environment. If relativity turns out to be in error, then physicists will need to revise this simplifying assumption, although it’s unlikely that this alone would be enough to cause them to abandon string theory entirely (nor should it).

    There are theories that predict errors in relativity, most notably the variable speed of light (VSL) cosmology theories of John Moffat, and Andreas Albrecht and João Magueijo. Moffat went on to create a more comprehensive revision of general relativity with his modified gravity (MOG) theories. These theories mean that the current assumptions of string theory contain errors.

    Even in this case, though, string theory would survive. Elias Kiritsis and Stephon Alexander have both proposed VSL theories within the context of string theory. Alexander went on to do further work in this vein with the “bad boy of cosmology,” João Magueijo, who is fairly critical of string theory as a whole.

    Given that string theory exists only on paper right now, one major problem would be a definitive proof that the theory contained mathematical inconsistencies. This is the one area where string theory has proved most adaptable, successfully avoiding inconsistencies for more than 20 years.

    Of course, scientists know that string theory isn’t the whole story — the true theory is an 11-dimensional M-theory, which has not yet been defined. Work continues on various string theory approximations, but the fundamental theory — M-theory — may still prove to be nothing more than a myth
    One weakness is in the attempt to prove string theory finite. There is controversy over whether this has been achieved. (It appears that even among string theorists there’s a growing acknowledgement that the theory hasn’t been proved finite to the degree that it was once hoped it would be.)

  • Allah (swt) created the universe

    String Theory may be right about the smallest unit of matter and energy being string like and there being other dimensions, but it is wrong in trying to explain the universe without God.

    God Created the universe, because He alone is eternal because He is immaterial

    membranes of M theory are finite therefore they need a creator.

    String theory or M theory can't explain the origin of the universe,

    There is only one theory of everything and that is God, and he is a fact not just a theory, like gravity is a fact

    evolution is a hypothesis and is a lie also

    I believe there are other dimensions or worlds or planes however

    all matter is made up of energy and all energy is electromagnetic in nature, the human eye can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, therefore there could be other worlds that share the same space as ours but are made up of different forms of matter

    and matter and energy are different in those worlds than our world

    the entities that inhabit those other dimensions are what we would call ultraterrestrials or metaterrestrials

    These ultraterrestrials are behind the ufo phenomenon and ghosts and monsters as well

    The Holy Quran talks about these beings as well and calls them Jinn

    Islam is the only true religion and the only rational world view

    you must become a good muslim today and you will go to heaven inshallah

    if not you will burn in hell forever inshallah

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