• Yes the American economy is back on track.

    Yes it is true that the American economy is well back on the road to full recovery. However the American economy has changed forever. The majority of the jobs the economy lost during this last recession are gone forever. CNC processes and robots have replaced many to the manufacturing jobs lost during the recession. We are going to have to replace these lost jobs with different ones.

  • Still Dicey But Going Places

    The numbers support the argument that the US economy has finally recovered from the 2008 debacle. Numbers aren't the only factor though, as we have to consider sentiment of consumers and the marketplace. People seem to have additional disposable income, and that shows that the economy has improved. It remains to be seen if it will remain stable of course.

  • Yes, but not fully on track.

    The American economy is certainly getting better and better but it still hasn't fully recovered. There are still many families that are on the street, and plenty of laid off and jobless people. The economy may be better now, maybe as good as it was before the recession, but it still needs to help the people who are still suffering from it now.

  • No, the American Economy is not back on track

    The capitalist economy is a monster which will always have high and low periods; this is the nature of capitalism, a system fueled by greed and speculation. However, to say that the American economy as a whole is now back on track would be to ignore reality. "Back on track" generally means that there are more jobs. What it does not take into account is that these new jobs are mainly low paid, service industry jobs. So yes, there are more jobs, however these jobs pay less. Therefore, the American economy is not finally "back on track".

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