Do you believe that the evolution is, in fact, real?

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  • Darwin's Theory of evolution.

    Sure there might not be an argument for humans evolving from ape to man but evolution is all around us. Darwin say that finches were different from each other because they slowly evolved to survive. They did not go from a speck of dust to a bird, they went from one bird to three different versions. So in conclusion man might not have come from ape but evolution is around us today.

  • Domestic Foxes in Russia

    People in Russia have bred foxes to be less like wild animals and more like dogs. In addition to changing their behavior, the foxes also look more like dogs than their wild ancestors. Keep in mind that there are different theories on the theory of evolution - some people think it's very slow and gradual, while others think it happens quickly in short bursts.

  • Look, it friggin' exists

    The other people on the "yes" side of this argument have already cited sufficient evidence, so the only thing I'll add is that, according to the Huffington Post, 99.9% of scientists believe in evolution. Yes, it's "just a theory", but being a theory isn't something taken lightly in the scientific community. The scientific definition, according to biology online, is " A well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment." So, yes, evolution is a theory, just as gravity is a theory. Creationism is not a theory. It is not based on observation, and it is not based on experimentation. It is based on a story in a 3000 year old scroll, and therefore has no place in a science based classroom. It should definitely be taught in history and english classes, as should the beliefs of all religions, in order to ensure a culturally sensitive populace, but it should not be treated as if it has the same scientific weight as evolution.

  • Species of Mosquito evolved in London Underground

    Evolution happens. It is a fact. It's no more doubtable than gravity....


    A completely new species of mosquito evolved to live in the London Underground. Species of insects have evolved to withstand pesticides. Evolution has been actually studied for ages in laboratory conditions with E. Coli since it reproduces quickly, with new samples ending up completely different to older ones. Peppered moths went from being rare to dominating the species. Crabs and mussels have been observed evolving somewhat competitively for dominance. Italian wall lizards were introduced onto an Island, and the differences between them show the signs of an evolving species. Cane toads are dominating Australia because the one's spreading furthest, the fastest one's, are mating with each other and producing faster and faster offspring. The finches Darwin originally observed are still undergoing evolution. The 'Blue Moon' Butterfly evolved rapidly - when attacks from parasites left most of the males dead, the surviving males who obviously have more of an immunity mated with females and produced offspring which became immune to the parasites - natural selection taking place once again - the old, weaker butterflies simply don't exist anymore.

    Plant species also evolve and they've been observed - one evolved to withstand a toxin through natural selection. Natural selection is just one method of evolution, though - there's also genetic drift, migration and even incidental selection.


    There are many specifics about the history of evolution however that may or may not be under greater speculation. Some things are pretty obvious. Look at all these animals, notice the one's that are similar. Most of them can fit into one of several groups where you could quite easily draw a line between these species and tell that they are so similar. If animals just "were", then why would so many be so similar?

    What's more, evolution isn't just some rare thing that happens randomly. It's always happening. Every time an animal or human reproduces, a completely new individual is born, very rarely identical to anything that ever lived before (depending on complexity of the creatures DNA and genes). This can be tested for easily. To deny evolution is to deny DNA. Big changes can happen over mere generations, much more will happen if you give it a million years or so...

    And, something I even knew at 5 (embarrassing for those who still don't get evolution), we humans share the very bones of apes, including of course the coccyx (or 'tailbone') - that really annoying and pointless hard bone above the crack of our asses. And why are our little toes so small and useless? Seems obvious to me that eventually they'll become obsolete and in ten thousand years all humans will be freaks with 4 toes. Or maybe they'll grow more and become more useful. It's all down to who has sex with who at the end of the day.

    At this point, evolution shouldn't even need proof. It's just common sense now.

  • Proven Fact, Evolution Exists.

    Looking at the development of species from fossil evidence, it is clear that animals we have now are different that the animals we had 100, 200, a few thousand years ago. Overtime, in new environments, species will change. An example of this would be modern bears and other predators. Looking at bears in areas away from cities, they are most active during the day. However, bears near cities are more active during the night. This is a minor example of evolution. The Bears have adapted and changed to their environment to survive.

  • Cold. Hard. Facts.

    1.) We can look at the fossil record and see that over huge periods of times species emerged and disappeared.
    2.) Consistency with rock layers. We saw the same creatures all over the world (that are separated today) but only in the same rock layers. Scientists got so good at predicting fossils in certain rock layers, they picked the rock layer they thought the water-to-land transitional species would appear in. Sure enough they found it in Canada in that exact rock layer.
    3.) Genetics. We can look at and compare DNA among all species and see how the DNA differentiates. For instance, we can say that about 98% of human DNA is the same of that of our closest cousin, chimpanzee's. Moreover, we can see how much more DNA is compatible with other species. We gradually have less and less DNA in common with species that are further and more distant cousins to us (confirmed by fossil record).
    4.) None of us really know what we're talking about but scientists do. I trust the majority of scientists and I keep up with their debates.

  • It doesn't matter what "i believe", the evidence speaks for itself.

    Evolution has been independently confirmed by multiple scientific disciplines from biology/genetics to physics and geology. Evolutionary medicine has already led to new understanding of disease, the immune, system, cancer, and public health. All of biology is grounded in evolution. What other theory of life's origins has produced such a wealth of knowledge and applications? Certainly not creationism.

  • Of course it is.

    Lets be honest, most people saying no are creationists. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I myself am an atheist. The evidence supporting evolution makes a lot more sense then some magical man who lives in a magical world created everything. There is simply no logic to that

  • Prove it to me.

    Proof, is what i need to see. Scientists ain't got no proof, some of the evidence they do have, points to creation. This is a bunch of baloney, dont ever ask this again. I am sick and tired of people disrespecting god. God created the world, not no dumbbig bang or nothin else!

  • No one's seen it.

    Microevolution doesn't prove Macroevolution. Anyone who believes this joke theory needs to either evaluate the evidence, that all of it can be interpreted to fit Creation (And there's also more surrounding evidence for Creation than Evolution, which makes Creation more reliable), or they need to quit being willfully ignorant, so they can believe what they want to believe.

  • No not true

    If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still some left? On that note why don't we see, any real changes in them, obviously not nearly enough for evolution. Plus evolution is a theory which can not be proven unless you plan on doing real life back to the future.

  • Is it proven?

    I would believe it, if I have seen it. Did we ever see the monkeys slowly evolve and magically turn into a human? If it happened then, why wouldn't it today? We have monkeys in some zoos, but we haven't witnessed any of them evolving at all. I strongly disagree with it.

  • Question, is this talking about micro evolution or macro evolution.

    I believe in micro evolution, it makes perfect sense. Plus is easily proven, and can be seen in real time. Only problem I have with evolution is macro evolution. My problem with it stems from multiple problems, but I will focus on one easy example. Natural selection doesn't explain everything.

    The is a species of fish that can grow a spike near its tail to prevent from being eaten. When not in an environment that it is in danger of being eaten, it doesn't grow the spike in order to save energy. But when it changes environments, it can undergo this change in a little as one generation. This happens without the parents having the change but all of the offspring having the change.

    Main problem with this is that natural selection happens with randomization of genes, then the genes best suited survive. Here there is no randomization of the spike, just that all have it.

    What is happening here is epigenetics, where the spike gene is only turned on when it is needed. But now the question is why would this fish evolve a way to turn on or off the spike gene. This may be seen as an advantage, thus it is more fit to have the gene, thus survival of the fittest. The only problem is that natural selection doesn't go to the most fit but the biggest advantage difference, If you are more fit but in the end it only impacts one situation, your advantage means nothing if that situation doesn't happen often.

    So here is the problem, being able to change whether you have the spike or not is "only helpful" when you change from on environment to the other, then after said change no advantage. Most adaptions occur because they are a constant small advantage. Thus they are selected slight more every generation. If your a fish that can change whether it has the spike or not, your only selected for when there is a change of environment.

  • As it stands

    Evolution is not falsified and is best explanation we currently have. This does not make the case closed, there are too many gaps for it to be accepted as a complete theory from primordial soup to humans.

    I would expect there will be more discoveries and some sort of Paderborn will occur here

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