• We live in a free society

    Taking away rich people's "fancy homes" would take away the free in our free society. Those people worked hard to earn that money and they can and should be able to spend it however they want. It's their money that they worked for and punishing people for success is ridiculous.

  • To a limit.

    Theres nothing wrong in spending your hard earned cash, its their opinion if they want to live lavishly or not, but it should be to a limit, being extravagance is not good, for instance a sheikh bought a number plate for 14 million dollars or so, whereas that money could be spend to do good for poor people.

  • Yes, the rich should be able to keep their homes however fancy they may be.

    Suggesting that rich people should have their "fancy houses" taken away in a free society is ludicrous. It is one of the basic principles that people who earn money should be use that money in whatever way they want. Taking away people's private property is a sort of communism and nothing more.

  • Everyone should have what they want.

    I believe if the rich want to keep their fancy homes, than by all means they should be able to keep them if they are paying for them. I don't think it's right for anyone to tell anyone to move because their home it too fancy. I myself think some homes are overkill and the people who live in them forget the important things in life but it's them living that way. Thank God it's not me!

  • People have become too materialistic.

    The gap between the rich and the poor is the largest it has ever been in America. Of course, many people who are rich worked hard to achieve it. However, it is hard to say that they NEED all of the things they spend their money on. The rich should be happy to help the less fortunate since they obviously do not need the money as much as others.

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