• Yes, it was

    If Ricky Lake's show would have continued having higher ratngs, the show never would have been canceled. The fact of the matter is that the ratings began to dip and, even after trying to bring a bigger audience to the show with new material, it continued to dip. So yes.

  • Yes. As her popularity waned and new shows came out, her ratings fell

    Show placement decisions come down to money. If the Ricky Lake show had good ratings and was making money, it would not have been canceled. As Lake's show became a bit routine, new shows cropped up that cut into her market segment, affecting her ratings. Another way to look at it is that a TV studio would not cancel a show that had great or good ratings.

  • Yes, I think the Ricky Lake show was cancelled due to ratings.

    I think every show is ultimately canceled when the network feels that the show either is not connecting with the audience or they feel another show could do better in that time slot, television in general is a for profit business and when a show has low ratings then its time for it to go.

  • Yes, the Ricky Lake show was canceled due to ratings

    When the series launched, it never found much of an audience. During its run, the show had the lowest ratings of its time slot. While the show attempted to be interesting and relevant, it was not able to hook viewers or create committed fans. The ratings were very likely the main reason for the show cancellation.

  • She got sick of it.

    No, I do not believe that the Ricky Lake show was canceled due to ratings, because today's media is very fractured. Today, a show does not need very high ratings in order to be sustainable. Ricky Lake is rich, and if she wants to have a show, ratings or not, she will have a show.

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