Do you believe that the U.S. is controlled by a shadow government?

Asked by: mrmccoy007
  • There is evidence of this.

    There was a man named Danny Casolaro, who studied a secret society behind the Iran-Contra, and while this may just be about this, this could just as well be about the government itself.

    He was studying this for many years, and when he went to Martinsburg, West Virginia to write a story on it, he was found dead in the tub of his apartment, his wrists slit and a note about his alleged 'suicide.'

    Before he left though, he had told his brother that he was onto something huge, and that, if he died while he was on his way to meet his secret source, that it would not be an accident. The family as well told of his squemishness and fear of blood tests.

    So, does this support government conspiracy? Well, I think there's something out there that we don't know about.

  • The government is run by a bunch of central bankers who controll us.

    The central bank runs the government and institutes who they want to be their puppet leader of our government. The central bank which is the federal reserve has ruined our democracy and is destroying our dollar and econemy. As you the central bank is the ruling force of this country.

  • No, I believe

    That we control of country. Even though there is a president he's just there represent the U.S.A. and it's works. He is there to make the choices for our country. He is our puppet, we are not his. We are more then him, we are more then the world because we are all different in our own way.

    Posted by: JK28

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