Do you believe that there are currently Endlings on the planet?

  • Yes, There might be a few Endlings on the planet

    I believe with all the weather changes and human exploitation of nature some species have come to a point of extinction. Human beings have been playing with nature for so long without thinking of the consequences. We are seeing the results in the form of natural calamities and weather changes. All these things make the environment unfavorable for some species of organisms.

  • Yes, there are Endlings on Earth.

    There are most likely Endlings on Earth, especially due to poaching around the world. Many species are endangered and are further endangered by illegal hunting and human interference in general. It is possible that in the unexplored deep sea there are even more undiscovered species. These undiscovered species may not be plentiful and may very well be endlings.

  • Yes, there are endangered species on this planet

    Global warming, climate change, environmental pollution—there's so many things human beings have caused (and especially in the last century) that most right-wing people want to take no responsibility for. There's hunting, poaching, and outright murder of animals for the sake of our own advancement or benefit. I'm a hundred percent certain that there are Englings on this planet.

  • No there's not

    Maybe it's me, but what are Endlings? Since I have no idea, of course I don't think there are Endlings on this planet. I'm assuming that's similar to saying there are aliens on this planet. I will always say no to that until someone can definitely prove me otherwise. I've never heard of Endlings.

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