Do you believe that there are other realities?

Asked by: jamccartney
  • Of course there are.

    There is no question that there are other realities. There are almost an infinite number of realities. If you understand quantum psychics as much as I do, you understand that it is impossible for there to be only one universe. Electrons disappear and reappear. Where would they go? Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, which means the electron cannot just disappear. It must go somewhere. That means it is going to other realities. End of story. There is no denying this fact.

  • Probably there are no other realities.

    I do not believe there are any realities but i do believe there can be other living beings.
    Reality is not something you can make its not an object you can not create it. Its a state of things as they actually exist. Lets say there is other reality...How would it work?
    There is a thing called "virtual reality" but you see its not real its "virtual" that means its very limited of course we don't know what happens in future maybe they will make that we can live in that virtual reality but the chance of that is super low.
    Reality is something way bigger than universe even tho its infinite.
    People may believe there are other realities but you will never be able to prove it cuz there is no way of proving no science will reach that lvl cuz reality is not really something we can explain.

  • How could there not be?

    When you think about it, they quite could exist. While electrons may quantum tunnel, there are other reasons. For example, chance. What are odds? Well, if, for example, I got up and turned off this light, then there probably would be a version of the world in which I did not.

    Note: not purely scientific.

  • Why wouldn't there be?

    I think there are other realities based on the assumption we know nothing about the universe (which we do not). If we're talking infinite light years and a never ending universe that we know of, it is probable to assume more realities exist somewhere in the space and time. We, as human beings cannot begin to understand the universe in our own lifetime and have not over the 10,000 years we have existed as a species. I think we'll be extinct well before we ever crack this code, but a future species of our evolution might. Until then, I believe it is safe to assume other intelligence/realities/universes probably exist by the fact that we exist.

  • I Believe It Is Possible - It's All In Perception

    Society loves to think it has enough scientific knowledge to say "for sure" how things have happened and how they exist, but there is a great deal that we do NOT know. Reality is all about perception anyway, and is as individual as each person. How you see reality is different than how I see it. Even if we agree on our perceptions of many things, we have no way to know if what we are seeing and experiencing is "real" or not.

  • All we have is this reality.

    Unless we're talking about the alternate reality of reality television, then no, there isn't. While it's a popular topic on shows like Fringe, there has been no scientific proof discovered to support the idea that alternate realities to our own exist. Life is what you make of it, so instead of trying to find other planes of existence, improve what you've got right here and now.

  • Its an impractical thought

    Even considering that there are other realities is an impractical thought. First and foremost, it is impossible to test this "theory" since we are confined to one and only one reality. Next, people like jamccartney or zoinks (who are in this debate and are on the positive side) constantly talk about it like they are Albert Eintstine and show off like they know something we don't, which is highly putting off, and the fact that they don't take the time to explain it very annoying, because we can never see 'what they specifically know" because, the reality is, they don't, thirdly, zoinks talks about electrons and protons "disappearing" and randomly "re-appearing". First of all, it could be that they simply quantum-tunneled, meaning that they replaced a space in which had nothing in it due to the fact that physics is twisted and weird in many ways, but I hardly think electrons are really "disappearing" due to he face that it would weaken the atomic structure and cause the protons in an atom to break down, which theoretically, would change the entire atomic property itself, but we don't see jam randomly turning into gold, as it is not true.

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