• Of course you can be socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

    Of course you can be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. At its most base level, this is the essence of libertarianism, the political belief that the best way to ensure a strong and healthy economy (and thus a more prosperous country) is to have limited government and a market economy. It is a theory espoused by some of the greatest economic thinkers of the last century, particularly Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek. Libertarianism is a fiscally conservative doctrine because, as said, it believes market solutions are best and so, the private sector is arguably more important to a country as a wealth provider and generator. It also espouses low taxation and low government borrowing, hall-marks of the fiscal conservative. As to being socially liberal, libertarianism holds fast to a principle discussed by the 19thC thinker John Stuart Mill, the 'harm principle'. The basis of the principle is that individuals have a right to freedom, to do as they wish with no interference from another (be it another person or a government), so long as they do not threaten the freedom of another. This means that for a libertarian, he would fine with the idea of women having an abortion, he would be fine with same sex couples marrying and he would be fine for the legalisation of drugs. This is because they are all choices made by individuals that do not harm another. Indeed, the only time another can interfere, as said, is when the rights of another are going to be threatened i.e. the government can detain an individual if that individual was attempting to (or had) stolen from another because the individual had threatened the victims right to enjoy her property, thus the gov't can intervene and deny the potential thief his right to freedom.
    In conclusion, one can be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal because the concepts of a market economy and low tax are not mutually exclusive with individual freedoms. Instead very much the opposite is true, a market economy and low tax are conducive to individual freedoms.

  • There are people who are both socially liberal and fiscally conservative

    In today's political environment, it is fashionable to imagine that everyone exists on a defined spectrum, from liberal to conservative. This is simply not the case. People have all kinds of diverse ideas and opinions, some based on evidence and some based on personal opinion. Political conclusions are not based merely on party affiliation. The popular idea that social ideas and fiscal ideas are closely linked is simply not true.

  • I know some of them

    It's an unusual combination, but there are socially liberal yet fiscally conservative people. Some of them are socially liberal and fear too much political involvement by the religious right. They don't want to place restrictions on gay marriage or access to birth control,but at the same time, would endorse smaller government and a more free-market system with less spending.

  • Waves Hand Wildly

    Yes! I do believe there are socially liberal and fiscally conservative people. That explains me quite well. My Mom raised me to watch finances quite closely and that's bled over into my fiscal thoughts even on a large scale. At the same time, I'm wildly liberal is social arenas because I believe freedom is vitally important.

  • I am one of them.

    Yes, I believe that there are socially liberal and fiscally conservative people, because there are people who recognize that limited government is the only way to have a strong economy, but at the same time we recognize that humans can be compassionate towards one another. I want low taxes, but I also oppose the death penalty.

  • No, It is Unlikely That People Who Are Both Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative Exist.

    I do not believe that a person would become both fiscally conservative and socially liberal because a socially liberal person believes in the government's need to support the situation of its people and would likely emphasize the most social aspects of government spending. On the contrary, Fiscal Conservatives would like every sector of government to have to spend the same budget while achieving their work and this would likely de-stabilize the situation for social liberals.

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