• I Hace A Gay Pastor

    The right is opposed to marriage equality. However my church supports marriage equality and we have a gay pastor. This means there are left and right factions in Christianity. By the way, we do not beleive Sodomy is a sin (obviously) and allow divorce. Thank you so much for reading my input.

  • Yes, there are people who consider themselves Left or Right in Christianity.

    I definitely think there is such a thing as a Christian left and a Christian right. There are a lot of people who are Christians who have a conservative view on things like politics and social issues. But there are also those who are Christians who happen to take a liberal view on issues.

  • Yes, there are both types of Christians.

    There are definitely people who are Christians and are Republicans, or perhaps Tea Party members, and would be more on the conservative, or right, side of politics. There are also people who are more liberal Democrats who also say they are Christians. Examples of Democrats who say they're Christians include President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton. Often, the Christian right is just more vocal, or covered more by the press.

  • There is a christian left and a christian right

    I do believe that there is a christian left and a christian right. There are some christians that are very hardcore about their beliefs, they follow the bible literally and will be much more strict in their family, and political life. These christians represent the right side of the spectrum.

  • Politics are totally different.

    Yes, I do believe that there is a Christian left and a Christian right, because God was not clear in the Bible whether he was a conservative or a democrat. God said to help the poor, but he also said that if a man will not work that he should not eat. People have interpreted the Bible in different ways, and that means they are both Christian and either conservative or liberal.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that there is a left and a right part to the christian religion. I think that there is only one christian branch, and that it is luck to be named as the biggest and the most followed religion that is on the earth right now.

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