Do you believe that there is a large market for predatory lending lawyers?

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    As long as there is no oversight or regulation to the loaning market, there will always be a place for predatory lending lawyers. Predatory lending is the way a lot of banks make money off of the lower and middle classes, by giving out loans that they know people cannot possibly pay back, milking them for all they're worth and calling it an end-of-year profit.

  • Yes, there is.

    There is a large market for predatory lending lawyers. This is because there is a lot of institutions that are involved in predatory lending. A lot of places given payday loans which prey on poor people. They will ever be able to get out of debt if they get 100 dollars today and have to pay 120 dollars next week.

  • Yes, there is a market for predator lending lawyers.

    I definitely think that there is a large market for predatory lending lawyers. In this day and age where predatory lending has been a problem, I think a lot of people would be interested in lawyers who specialized in the field and problem. I think it is something that would be profitable.

  • Yes, there is a large market for predatory lending lawyers

    Over the last few years, predatory lending has been a massive problem, largely contributing to the collapse of the financial system a few years ago. Millions of people were victims of predatory lenders, resulting in the loss of homes, jobs, and savings. There have been many settlements reached between states and the banks that used predatory lending tactics siding in the favor of the victims, which means there are likely thousands if not more, people who could use a predatory lending lawyer to recover settlements from the banks that ruined their finances.

  • No There Isn't

    I do not believe there is a large market for predatory lending lawyers. I believe lawyers that want to take up this practice are going to have a hard time collecting for two reasons. People who would seek our predatory lending lawyers are more than likely broke, therefore they aren't going to be able to afford a lawyer up front. The laws guarding banks and loans generally favor the lender, therefore its going to be hard to win in this field. If you don't win, don't expect payment.

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