Do you believe that war should be avoided at all costs (yes) or is war sometimes necessary (no)?

  • War should not happen.

    Most modern-day cultures and countries around the world do not tolerate violence and have long punishments for anyone who harms someone else/kills them. If this is so, Why are people allowed to go into war and MURDER foreign soldiers? If taking a human right is morally wrong to most cultures, Why is it tolerated when it involves a foreign country we have a conflict with? This is truly the human condition. Instead of becoming diplomatic and/or staying neutral, Since the beginning of time, We have resorted to violence. And you may say that soldiers willingly sign up, Knowing the risk, But I disagree. Drafts exist in several countries, Which gives people no choice but to give up their lives and go out to possibly die. Why is it that a few people at the top of the country get to sit in their fancy homes, Safe and sound, When they send tens of thousands of men and women to go out and be slaughtered just because they could not be diplomatic. I find it ridiculous that people PRAISE these leaders, Even though all they do is send their innocent citizens to go and do their dirty work for them. Then the governments of countries create an absurd amount of propaganda in order to anger the citizens, So even if it was a democratic vote, Most would vote for war just because of government manipulation. It is truly despicable. But there lies the most difficult question to answer; will we ever be able to be 100% peaceful? To me, No, Because there will always be a psychopathic maniac in office somewhere who will push all the buttons and get their people murdered. However, In today's society, With the existence of nuclear weapons that could destroy human existence as we know it, We must be extra precautionary. I think the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a death sentence for humankind. As Einstein once said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, But World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. " He was absolutely right. There is no need for strong military leaders like Julius Ceasar anymore because our advanced technology has made it so we will destroy the planet before we ever resolve anything. Now I would like to go into WWII to give an example of how supporting genocidal governments because they are your "ally", Will just lead to more violence. The Ally Powers in WWII were England, The United States, And the Soviet Union. What does Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union have in common? I know! They were both authoritarian, Genocidal regimes. Notice how the United States and the Soviet Union went into the Cold War right after WWII, Even though they were allies just a few years before. As long as genocidal, Militaristic empires exist, It is next to impossible to abolish wars.

  • War is horrific and should always be avoided

    War at all costs should be avoided. War is harmful, It hurts not only those who fight but the people who live in the destruction left after. If not killed in war itself, The damage it can cause the soldiers mentally is horrific. In every war there are no winners just survivors and those survivors usually are mentally damaged and will never be the same. Happiness lies only in peace.

  • It is harmful.

    War is a bad thing that nor only cuses harm to the victim or to the avenger but also to the innocent peogle. Most of the times the innocents also get punished for being in the enemy's cout try or being a member of the enemy's family. We can solve problems by a short or long calm conversation.

  • War should be avoided,there are other options to solve a conflict

    There is no reason for america to go to war, it kills so many people and all life should be cherished. Economys get destroyed and it displaces people especially those who were not well off to begin with, in every war there are no winners just survivors and those survivors usually are mentally damaged and will never be the same.

  • We should not go to war

    There is no reason for america to go to war, it kills so many people and all life should be cherished. Economys get destroyed and it displaces people especially those who were not well off to begin with, in every war there are no winners just survivors and those survivors usually are mentally damaged and will never be the same.

  • War is a man-made abuse to achieve his certain goals.

    Every living soul is born in God's image.Human nature is rational and it always tries to avoid war. Human nature is peaceful and the thing we should have to do is to revive our roots, which teaches a lesson of empathy and compassion. It's our education that incorporated violent material in our textbooks and compelled us to think violently. The only way through which we can avoid war is restructuring our education system on the premise of co-operation and human dignity. A pen has endless power, It can easily subdue the menace of war.

  • It should be avoided at any cost.

    War only leads to misery and destroys almost everything. Happiness and prosperity lies only in peace. But there are times when limits are crossed and to settle the dispute war becomes necessary, so we should also be always prepared for that. Anyway, to avoid war is the best option and should always be opted.

  • War is avoided

    Yes war is avoided if there is peace. Someone promoting peace will surely it happened to be victorious. Another thing is the unity, if there is unity we get the true peace. This is the factors of what we are longing for is to achieve peace. The ultimate desires of citizen is to achieved this kind of problems, and this is the question, how we going to solved it? Is there is another way to do just to filled this issue. Going back with the issue. To achieve peace we should obligate our duties and responsibilities to be unite each other .

  • Yes war should be avoided

    Because war never ends well, even if some people are victorious, they’ve still most likely lost hundreds and thousands of lives of their team as well as of their opponents.

    War not only results in the loss of lives of soldiers but also in the lives of innocent people. There are many other solutions to fix a conflict. Also when you are younger aren't you taught to use your words instead of hitting someone, isn't this similar?

  • Should be Avoided

    War causes a massive death toll, not just among soldiers, but also civilians, and can strangle an economy due to the massive amount of funds needed to win a war. War needs to be avoided at all costs. Violence doesn't end violence, it extends it. If war happens, it should only be the absolute last resort.

  • Sometimes war is necessary, For example, To stop the Nazis from taking over Europe.

    If you were to say that we should have let the Germans take over Europe, I would simply say 'what, So you would be perfectly happy to let millions of jews be massacred? ' To which most people stammer and say 'Well. . . No. . . But. . . ' This is my entire argument and all that is needed

  • Yes it should be avoided

    The main reason for avoiding the wars are due the wars the peaceful atmosphere around us will get spoilt and many people looses their family members in the war even due to the harmful weapons used by the enemies which contains harmful chemicals which spoil the atmosphere best example is heroshima nagasaki

  • Yes i think war is not necessary

    ,,................. . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I support argument

  • No, unfortunately, war is sometimes necessary

    Our world is not always a nice place. There are people who do terrible things and countries whose leaders order their citizens to do terrible things. Sometimes war is the only way to stop these atrocities from continuing. War should be a last-ditch effort, when every other way of reconciling differences has been exhausted and when there is absolutely no other way to stop the situation, but there will always be wars until the end of time.

  • No, I think war is sometimes necessary.

    I think in extreme cases a rogue Government will not listen to any diplomatic attempts and if they pose enough of a threat to the well being of other nations then war should be declared, I think it should always be one of the last options on the table but I do think war is necessary sometimes.

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