Do you believe that wind power should be a primary focus of future energy supply?

  • We need technology

    It would be more cost efficient and better for the environment. We need to save our world with this new technology, we can't just let the pollution hit on our farms and the citizens, we need to act now. Look to the future and tell me what you see... Yes

  • I think that it should be one of many.

    I think that wind power should be one of many focuses on a future energy supply. We are quickly running out of fossil fuels and need to come up with viable solutions. Solar power, wind power and hydro power are 3 very good sources to invest money into improving, because they are renewable.

  • No solar power is more viable for the future

    Wind power should be focused on as a future power source as fossil fuels get more scarce and expensive however solar power is what we should primarily focus on. It's much easier to install solar panels on the roof of your house rather than install a wind turbine. Solar power is more cost effective and more practical than wind power.

  • No, windpower is an unreliable source of energy.

    No, while wind power certainly has its place in the energy marketplace, it cannot be the primary focus of future supply. No one can control when, or if the wind will blow. When it does, the amount and time it blows will be inconsistent at best. Until there is sufficient technology to answer this problem, I believe that this should not be a primary focus of energy.

  • Not They Primary

    I believe it is important for us to diversify our energy supplies, so saying that wind power should be our primary focus is incorrect. I believe we could use wind power more widely across the United States and we should, but we should also develop and use other energy sources at the same time.

  • Nuclear makes sense

    Nuclear is the way to go in the future. There are far fewer deaths due to nuclear plants than the vast majority of the population believes, and nuclear plants provide a >10% of power, cleanly, to the US using technology that is decades old and out dated. It is the future.

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