• Yes a little

    I do think that work ethic is being changed by technology. I don't think that it has to. I think that work ethic changing has just been a side effect of the changing technology. Inevitably, though, work ethic wil change because of technology. Technology has made many things easier, faster, and sometimes even obsolete.

  • Yes, I think work ethic is being changed by technology.

    The advancement of technology is making it easier for a lot of people to take short cuts in their jobs despite the quality of work not being on par. I think that technology such as the internet, helps teachers take a more lazier approach to teaching. Technology can help but it also can make some things change for the worse.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that work ethic keeps going in a down aiming trend, and that people now do not know how to work at all like people used to. People today would die if they had to actually go do some good ole manual labor out in the hot sun.

  • Just Manuel Labot

    People do not like doing Manual labor as much. People seem to look down on those people who do manual labor. The hours are actually getting longer for most people. We can't really say people's work ethic is being changed by not working as hard, but we can say it is being changed in style.

  • No, it is not.

    Worth ethic is the same if your doing hard labor, or doing very mental taxing work. If you work and strive for things to be well done and on time, you will do it in both types of work. Work is work, no matter what kind of technology is invented next in the world.

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