• WWII saw a large cultural impact on the Roma

    It is undeniable that the events leading to and following the second World War had a significant influence on the Roma people. From the systematic genocide of the Romani by the Nazis to the serious cultural restrictions imposed by the Communist regimes that followed, it would be impossible to argue that this era had no impact on the Roma people.

  • It threw them into exile.

    Yes, I do believe that WWII changed things for the Roma people, because they had to scatter. With the Roma people seeing so many innocent people, especially from minority groups, murdered for nothing more than existing, the Roma people became fearful. They scattered, and that resulted in the problem that the Roma have today.

  • Yes it did, along with everyone else

    Since the Roma are a minority in Eastern Europe and have had some problems with invasions, it seems that they had increases in general welfare and livelihood similar to the Jews. I think it's a smaller scale because like blacks in Europe they were not the focus of the internment.

  • WWII affected everyone, not just Jews and civilians.

    The Roma have been left out a little in the spotlight because in general they're discriminated against. WWII affected them because the majority was now dead or a long way from home. They had to migrate, as always, to look for jobs in cities that were being re-built after the war and opportunities, though there were, were closed off to them because of their reputation and the stigma that they are thieves and lazy people. Much remained the same for them in the way that they were still discriminated against, only, WWII exacerbated their troubles. During the post-war era, the communist regime provided a steady way for them to be able to survive (since no one was exactly rich they were not in a worser position than anyone else). But WWII brought them a little into the spotlight.

  • Central Europe felt relief at the end of WWII

    WWII changed just about everything for the Roma's. The primary change would be the drastic reduction of population. Entire communities were now either dead or displaced. Lines on the maps were redrawn. If you happened to be Jewish, your entire existence changed, and suddenly you could head over to Israel. I would say that WWII changed a lot of things for Roma Culture.

  • About the same

    No, I do not think that the Roma got a significant impact from the second world war. Although the war affected everyone, these people did not get any more affected than anyone else. I would say that things for them after the war were pretty much the same as before.

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