• Electing a head of state is pointless, and having both your head of state and your prime minister elected is actively detrimental.

    The Head of State is a figurehead. It doesn't matter who they are; they represent the people precisely how they're told to. If you elect them, it doesn't make sense not to let them have policies, otherwise what would voters base their decisions on? If they have policies and you have a separate, elected head of government, then you potentially have conflicting policies from two leaders, both of whom have a democratic mandate. Stupid. Monarchy is significantly better; the public elect a politician to do the policies and so on, and the head of state is a tame figurehead.

  • There is very little difference between constitutional democracy and democracy.

    Constitutional democracy only slightly differs from democracy. In a country that has a constitutional democracy, the office of Head of State is not filled through election, but instead granted to the current monarch of that country. The monarch is still bound by the constitution. The people still get a democratic choice in how the country is ran. If the 21st century can uphold democracy, which it can, then it can uphold a constitutional democracy.

  • the 21st century

    Yes it will hurt them. Republicans are getting a reputation for opposing any benefit that helps real people who work for a living. Their opposition to raising unemployment insurance falls under this category and people are beginning to realize that and it is going to jeopardize chances for reelection for many in Congress who hope to stay.

  • Yes, the monarchy has an important ceremonial role

    Constitutional monarchs are useful. They attract tourists,
    bringing money into a country’s coffers. They take up the burden of ceremony,
    freeing Prime Ministers and such to do the real work of governing. Often
    monarchs make excellent role models. Finally, the monarchy and the aristocracy
    together encourage the arts, popularizing new fashions in clothing, interior
    design and baby names. The royals may be overpaid, but they do a superior

  • Yes, They Can

    Monarchies are good at one thing: they will find a way to hold onto some sort of power and prestige, no matter what. It is in their self interest, and it could be classified as self interest on their part. If their privileged livelihood is at stake, they invent new ways to be relevent.

  • Uphold constitutional monarchies in the 21st century

    I do believe that monarchies will be done away with because people arent going to listen to what people say unless they have an influence on the answer of what their future holds , the reason being is we have more control over what happens to us now then anyone ever did

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