• Child abusers must be named

    Convicted abusers of children and toddlers should be named, shamed, and if not harassed, they should be public to the world so their guilt and shame exists for the rest of their lives even when they are released - that is, if they are even capable of feeling guilt and shame.

  • Anytime a child, or even an animal is abused the name of the abuser should be told.

    I believe we should have registries for sex offenders (which there is already one in the USA), animal abusers, and child abusers. What happened to Baby Peter was shocking on so many levels, and the fact that the mom's boyfriend had already raped a 2 year old is unimagionable. There names needed to be shared far and wide.

  • People who abuse children need to be known publicly for what they are so no one else entrusts them with their children.

    What if one of them had been a babysitter? Or an eldersitter? They might have tried to make some money under the table if they were out on bail. Sitting is a prime way to do that, one of the most common methods. Shouldn't "this person is on trial for the violent death of a baby" be publicly available? Some would say that they simply deserve the ridicule and public hatred. It would be well-deserved and satisfying, but is immaterial. The real reason is to insure that they are forced to stay far away from any other vulnerable people.

  • Criminals should be known

    There are enough cases where the reputation of a person gets ruined because of alleged accusations, that when a criminal actually gets proven to be guilty of a crime they should be named and exposed. Especially child abusers should be put on blast and let it be known what their crimes are.

  • Yes, the abusers of Baby Peter should have been named.

    I definitely think that the abusers of Baby Peter should have been named. A lot of people will argue that doing such a thing would put the lives of the people in danger, but I think the public has the right to know in cases like this just in case it might be related to another case.

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