• I do believe the accusations against Bill Cosby

    I believe that Bill Cosby used his power to assault these women and then cover up the crime. The fact that all of their stories are so similar, leads me to believe that this happened.This occurred at a time when many people respected Bill Cosby and were willing to hide things for him in return for either money or favors that he could provide. Some of these women were not very smart in the way they dealt with him, but that doesn't change what he did.

  • Theres isnt that much smoke

    Yes there is an incredibly large amount of women coming out with accusations but absolutely none of them with thr exeption of one woman who got a very small settlw for a civil suit has asked for any money or had anything to gain by coming out, in fact they stand to lose a lot.

  • Yes, I believe the accusations against Bill Cosby

    On one hand, any time there develops a political or social climate wherein large numbers of accusations are being made against a single person, it is best to exercise some caution and consider that not everyone making the accusations may be doing so in truly good faith. Yet when so many women come forward as have with Bill Cosby, and with such consistent stories, it's impossible to avoid the conclusion that there must be at least some truth to them.

  • Bill Cosby might be able to ignore accusations, but fans see pattern

    Bill Cosby allegations keep coming in as the comedian continues to ignore the comments about his behavior in the past. Unfortunately, the same pattern has been reported again and again leaving fans shocked that the comedian continues to ignore the allegations or allegedly taints the reputation of his accusers. The pattern of Bill Cosby's alleged behavior is obvious and his legacy of being a good man is ruined by his silence.

  • Too Much Smoke

    I think it may be almost normal for one or two people to make accusations involving sexual misconduct against celebrities, but in the case of Bill Cosby, there's simply way too much smoke. It just goes to show that there is generally a huge difference between the parts played by actors and who they are in real life.

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