Do you believe the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is affordable?

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  • Not affordable at all

    I believe the Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010 during the midst of the Great Recession during a time when many Americans were struggling to keep their jobs and were trying to find a new job is very unaffordable and everything Barack Obama said about the new healthcare law is NOT true and why Democrats believe the healthcare law is a work in progress, Republicans want the law to be fully repealed because they realize our nation cannot afford to spend trillions of dollars on reforming healthcare that still leaves 30 million Americans uninsured who the law was supposed to cover. Here is why I am not fond of the Affordable Care Act:

    1) Americans were told they could keep their doctor and many Americans (including myself) lost their choice of doctor because when the law went into effect, I no longer could afford the coverage I had since I had to purchase insurance on my own since I did not get it through work. I was forced to purchase through the exchange and my current doctor was not listed under the health plan I had to purchase.

    2) Americans were told that they would save over $2500 a year on cost and many Americans are spending up to three times or more on coverage. In order for many Americans to afford health coverage, they are purchasing the cheapest plan available (which is the Bronze Plan) with a ridiculous deductible which can be as high as $10,000 or more knowing that if they end up in the hospital, they are screwed because they cannot afford the deductible.

    3) Someone who once had to purchase insurance on the exchange, I felt the coverage was like purchasing cut rate car insurance because I would have to travel far just to see a doctor or specialist and if I had a life threating emergency, the closest hospital that would take my insurance was a rural hospital over one hour away from my home when the closest hospital was less than ten minutes away that would not take my cut-rate coverage.

    4) The Democrats who passed this bill don’t even know what in the healthcare bill and this bill was passed during a Great Recession when Americans were doing their best to hold onto their jobs and many were unemployed trying to find a new job. The Democrats who passed this 2000 plus page bill never read a page of the bill and over 60% of the population were yelling at the top of their lungs to “KILL THIS BILL” but Democrats refused to listen to anyone who disagreed with them on this healthcare law and they still are on death ears on how unaffordable this healthcare act is.

    If this law is affordable, why are Americans paying more for healthcare and coverage? I am all for all Americans having affordable healthcare but this act still leaves millions of Americans uninsured with no coverage at all.

  • It makes it less affordable.

    Despite its name, the Affordable Care Act was not written to reduce health insurance or health care costs. It actually increases costs by adding public employees, healthcare.Gov, expanding coverage (e.G., preexisting conditions,) etc. What it does so is make it more affordable for some people by forcing everyone else to pay their bills.

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