• What Is Not To Love About The ACA

    There will be numerous benefits to the economy from the Affordable Care Act. More doctors, nurses, and support staff such as office clerks will be required to care for those citizens who now have health care and can afford it. People who have been too sick to work will be able to seek and receive treatment that will allow them to return to a productive life. And like any government benefits program, it will generate hundreds of government jobs to deal with the ridiculous piles of paperwork and layers of officialdom.

  • Yes, insurance mandates reduce cost and improve quality of care

    Hospitals currently have an incentive to bill those whom have insurance more by charging huge sums of money for items such as bandages. Individuals without insurance simply don't pay their bills, so the affordable care act provides an affordable insurance option that won't cost those whom can't afford it in the first place a fortune.

  • Everyone should be able to get health care.

    While I do not believe the economy should play a role in someone with cancer being able to get treatment, I do believe it would be good for the economy. So many people are in debt due to medical expenses (myself included), if I would of had health insurance at the time it would of covered it and I would not be paying off these expenses Instead my money could be spent in other ways.

  • A good thing

    I think that the ideas behind this act are good, and that all of the people in the US will help by getting health care, whether they want to or not. This is going to help out the economy to, and soon we will see that it is a solid program.

  • No, the Affordable Care Act isn't good for the economy

    The Affordable Care Act's biggest triumph is providing coverage to those who would otherwise be denied coverage due to existing conditions. That single issue should have been addressed without shaking up the whole system. It oversteps the government's power and will subject many people to a myriad of growing pains. The economy will not improve as health care providers struggle to adjust to new policies, which will cost them additional time and resources.

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