Do you believe the American Dream is still within reach?

  • The american dream is attainable

    People need to realize the definition of the American dream before they debate about it. The American dream is about opportunity. It is the belief that EVERY AMERICAN CAN strive for the goal. It does not promise success or failure. It also has nothing to do with money, education, race, religion, etc. It is describing the chance to go for your goal. The problems everyone else are talking about, is referring to the Constitution. Not the American dream.

  • The American Dream is still within reach.

    The American Dream is still within reach however, we have an atmosphere in Washington that increasingly no longer believes in the American people nor the American Spirit. With ever-increasing handouts, taxes, restrictions, and an ideology of "sharing the wealth", Americans are becoming disheartened with the knowledge that its government will do its best to separate them from the fruits of their labors. Those that can stay focused, work hard, and actually show up to vote for the American Dream at the polls will have the best chances of achieving the American Dream.

  • The American Dream is a lie

    The American dream is facade built on slavery, oppression and murder. The components of this dream include the "ideal" family with its "ideal" housewife and the head of the family residing in an "ideal" office job. It is simply too generic. Families are more versatile and diverse.
    The American dream was born from the hard work and labour of African slaves, which to this day, remain deluded on their heritage.
    The American dream could arguably still be achieved. Yet, if this is the case, it will not represent a dream but a global dictator. An instigator of wars, killing young, vulnerable children with bullets and gassing them with white phosphorus for the sake of oil, power and control. Feeding their own young, with processed chemicals that render them weak and diseased. Teaching them to be patriotic of a country that is totalitarian. Ensuring that each year, their children regress in IQ points. This is the American Nightmare.

  • No, I do not believe it is.

    No, I do not believe the American Dream is still in reach. It has been systematically destroyed by the Progressive agenda and soon our country will follow. They have destroyed home ownership, the job market, the very economy and now they are destroying the schooling system. In less than 20 years, America will be recognizable no longer.

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