Do you believe the amount of criticism the Yes Men have received is justifiable?

  • Criticism is justifiable

    The criticism amount that the yes men have received is justifiable because of the actions that were taken by them. Most people believe they are at fault for receiving the high amount of criticism that they have. They need to be responsible for their actions and try to be perceived a different way.

  • They are activists.

    Yes, I believe that the amount of criticism that the Yes Men have received is justifiable because they have chosen to put themselves in the public light. When someone chooses to be in the spotlight, like the Yes Men have, they have to be able to withstand the criticism that comes with it.

  • Serve a Comedic Niche

    The Yes Men may be off-the-wall, but they do serve a comedic niche that apparently resonates with enough people to justify their existence. Yes Men do bring attention to social causes that deserve to be recognized. Despite their criticism, the important thing is that issues get more air time and are talked about more often.

  • Necesarry and Needed

    The Yes Men are crusaders for truth that are important in the world. The idea that it is against the interest of the people to be informed about the underbelly of their rulers is absurd. The Yes Men work to give everyone a fair footing and an equal chance in this world.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the amount of criticism the Yes Men has received is justifiable. I believe this type of criticism is usually back by the government to defame people who actually speak out against problems in America. This phenomenon is becoming more noticeable on the Internet, especially on sites like Reddit, where articles usually disappear into obscurity when they scrutinize the American government. When they attack activists and protesters, such as the Yes Men, they make their effort illegitimate and hope to stop it or at minimum discourage it.

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