• He Wasn't Killed Instantly

    According to the articles I have read, Martin Luther King Jr. Was shot at 6 pm and then died at a hospital at 7 pm. Even if he had arrived at 6:50 pm, They had time on the way to prevent blood loss, And they could have easily saved him at the hospital.

  • Well yes obviously.

    Of course it COULD have been prevented. However lets be real. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a huge threat to the government. He knew how to use religion to rally people, was great at giving speeches, and had plenty of charisma. The government saw this, and because he would not be violent they had to concede because he was extremely smart. He knew he would probably be killed. Its pretty probable the US government had him killed.

  • No it couldn't

    There is a 50/50% change tbh, it could of been preveted knowing that king had been sent hate mail and death threats 3 months before the killing,. We al knew some one would of tried sooner or later but at the moment of his death, him and his freinds were talking about the next stage n there plann and king said sharply that he knew it was going to happen. X .

  • Yes with more planning

    Of course the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr could have been avoided. More security and careful planning could have helped to avoid it. Keep in mind though that the failed attempt on that day would only be the beginning as there would likely be more attempts on his life in the future.

  • He had to get death threats

    I think the death of Martin Luther King could of been prevented. Of course, that is easier said than done. Most people get complacent after a while, especially when they feel more comfortable in their role. That could of been a significant factor in what allowed the assassination of Martin Luther King.

  • No, the killing of King could not have been prevented.

    I do not think that the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. could have been prevented. He was a very public and controversial figure that a lot of people were going to try to hurt regardless. Even if he wasn't killed at the hotel, it was only a matter of time.

  • It couldn't have been stopped.

    I don't believe the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. could have been prevented. This is because there are so many mentally unstable people in the world. And for people who make their presence known and are considered to be outspoken, these mentally ill people will sometimes make a target out of them.

  • Why would the feds stop it?

    It is a fact that the Feds were spying on Dr. King and used the communist card against him. Any means to prevent his death would have gone unheard by the government. It would not shock me if the government suspected he would be murdered and sat on their hands and did nothing. I guess we will have to wait until the documents from the feds about his death become unclassified to find out more.

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