• Yes, the average person has control of their life

    Yes, I believe the average person has control of their life, although the average person rarely chooses to exert it. There are many career paths, choices, and lifestyles available to people world-wide, but most choose to follow the most mainstream ones available. While people are comfortable with being average, they certainly have the ability to change.

  • Yes, they do

    We control our decisions, not some external force. Not everything goes how we want it to, sometimes despite our best efforts, but we have more control of our lives than anything that is in them. Free will exists, it is just not always recognized and utilized in the best way.

  • not at all

    No, I think that for today the average person has their control in the technology around them, and that it is what controls their life. I think that there is not a whole lot of people that can go for a while without using a whole lot of different technology.

  • No, the average person does not have control of their life.

    The average person does not have control of their life. The average person is often bound by their socio-economic status, their family, their job, and the necessity of money to provide shelter and food. The average person cannot create a life that they envision for themselves simply because of their socio-economic status. The social heirarchy into which we are born and placed accordingly prevents the average person from taking control of their life.

  • Will is an illusion

    Autonomous will is an illusion that we create for ourselves to feel like we are in control of our lives. We are not, in fact, in control of anything. We are first challenged by external forces like governments, societies, and systems; we are also challenged by our own emotions and morality.

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