Do you believe the bible code was inspired by God or did the codes occur by chance?

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  • If by God then why didn't He disclosed Scientific formula

    If at all God is there he gave human more thinking power so he could develop speech, language and writing script so the knowledge and experience could be passed to next generation. He didn't disclosed any code of conduct (religion). It's totally left to human wisdom. If he had communicated with any human then that person could also given any scientific formula. Religion is only social code of conduct preached by persons, we call them Prophets. Whatever your deeds are here on Earth you are most likely paid in same coin by society. Heaven and Hell are on Earth when you are live. There is no special Heaven or Hell outside this earth. Concept of soul is imaginary.

  • It was by chance.

    The bible codes arose through chance, as did everything in the universe, including our own sense of self importance, both relative and absolute. The bible is not true, nor are there any codes hidden in them. Neither are any of our beliefs about morality true, since there is no such thing, and any misinterpreted feelings that we label with moral terminology are merely mistakes. There is no god. There is no such thing as right and wrong either.

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