• Without a doubt!

    The Bible does not have errors of any kind in it. While it is true that the Bible has been translated many times and has possibly lost something in translation, the actual Bible is inerrant. Even within the translations, the message of Jesus and forgiveness is completely understandable. The Bible in no way contradicts itself regardless of what others would have you believe.

  • Not at all!!

    People who believe it is and do what it says they claim. Should really read it. Your suppose to hate your parents. Stone your wife and kids. You are to give all your money and possessions to the poor. If you believe that why do the keep all there money and belongings don't stone there wives and kids. And love there parents. Human written all the way. Try a class in new testimant textual critism.

  • It can be wrong.

    While the bible is a fantastic piece, it is certainly capable of being wrong. I believe that even the most devout religious followers can agree. The bible is full of various things that can be interpreted in multiple different ways, and because of the fact that there's not one true way to interpret the various parts of it, it's impossible for it to be inerrant.

  • The Bible is a book, just like any other book.

    The Bible was put together by high ranking members of the church who only included Gospels that fit what they wanted people to believe and follow. There are many Gospels, such as the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that was not included in the Bible because they refused to believe that a woman would have such closeness with Jesus and be told his teachings above men who were around him. The Bible is made of stories, and I believe a lot of the real stories were left out. The Bible is one big inaccuracy.

  • No, it was written by humans.

    I don't think the Bible is incapable of being wrong. It was written by men, who are obviously quite capable of being wrong. Anything created by man is subject to error. Of course, I understand that the Bible is considered written by God through men. Still, man was involved, and I don't think any man has ever or will ever escape the ability to commit errors. Thus, this logic extends to the Bible as well.

  • No,I do not agree that the Bible is inerrant.

    The Bible is far from being inerrant.I guess it can range from the creation of the universe to the end of the new testament.I think that this is due to the Bible being part of the Christian religion which relies on faith.The biggest problem with the Bible is probably the omission of important facts.

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