• Genesis is real.

    I believe Biblical Genesis is 100% fact. As a Christian, I believe the Bible word-for-word, whether these literate meanings were at one time meant for the past, present, or are meant for us for all time. Stating it as a myth is not something a Christian would do or agree with.

  • It is real

    People believe in apes turning in to humans? People believe in a huge explosion creating the universe? Were did the big bang come from? I believe in the genesis creation. People of the earth, atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, nobodies, we should focus on the now and not argue over something that happened a long time ago. We can all agree that it happened a long time ago, Right? We really don't know when this happened or how it happened.

  • Yes, I believe it's fact.

    While I will say I believe Genesis is fact, I believe it's fact through word of mouth, so there are possibly many details that are different than what really happened. For example, the most controversial aspect of Genesis, that of Creation taking only six days, is something I don't believe as being literal. So while I believe Genesis is true at its core, I don't necessarily believe it as being a literal and exact account of what happened.

  • Genesis is simply mythology.

    Genesis did not happen, and the reason for this is that we have found where the universe began. It was the big bag, as discovered by a catholic scientist many decades ago. The Bible contains uncountable contradictions and falsities, while science continues to deliver the facts to us. This isn't up for debate.

  • Like A Story Told To A Child

    I do not believe the biblical Genesis is pure fact, science has indicated that it is not. While many would directly call it a myth, I have reason to believe that it falls somewhere in the middle. I believe the biblical Genesis holds some true facts about our past but it is simplified as though it were a story being told to a young child. It is not concerned with accuracy, rather it is more concerned with getting general ideas and points across to the masses.

  • Genesis is a myth

    There is no scientific or factual basis for the biblical Genesis theory. The Bible is not a collection of facts, but rather a collection of stories told and written by fallible human beings. Science has proven that we came about through gradual evolution and that the earth is billions of years old.

  • Directly contradicted by objective facts

    Evolution kind of says that animals weren't just created as is, so that part of the genesis story seems off. The timeline from genesis to now seems off, based on the lineage from Adam and Eve to Noah to David to Jesus.

    I can picture a possibility of an all knowing being trying to explain to primitive man how the universe works, and this fable kind of taking shape based on that, same as you would explain things to someone who knows little on a topic to move them closer to a full understanding.

    But no. There are too many contradictions that are way too straightforward in calculation to show how long the universe appears to have been around. Add to that the fact that the only argument I have heard against this is that 'god just made it that way', which simply sounds like you have a dishonest god which is an impossibility based on the ascribed character of god, and it makes it kind of hard to take it seriously, really.

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