Do you believe the Big Three U.S. auto companies should have more (yes) or less (no) competition in America?

  • Yes, I think the Big Three US auto companies should have more competition in America.

    Any time we allow a small number of businesses to corner a market then you remove the desire for these businesses to need to be innovative and competitive to remain on top, I believe that more competition should always be encouraged and we should allow the free markets to decide what companies come out on top.

  • Business Needs Competition

    I believe the auto makers in America should expect to function with competition. Competition is a natural part of business that most companies have to deal with. Simply because these products have an American origin doesn't mean they should be afforded any special attention. I support competition, not the right to monopolize.

  • More Competition is Healthy

    More competition against the Big Three auto companies in Detroit is a good thing. I hope Tesla gives the gas guzzlers a run for their money. More carmakers should open plants in the United States and more auto companies should make fuel efficient cars that are hybrids or run on electricity. Competition drives down prices and drives innovation.

  • Yes, The big three US auto companies should have more competition.

    Yes, the big three United States auto companies should have more competition. Competition is a good thing for consumers. It encourages companies to strive and become even better in the goal of being successful. If the auto companies in the US had less competition, then they could be worse for the public.

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