• Is that even a real question??

    Of course not!! On Bloody Sunday British soldiers opened fire on UNARMED civilians ( as David Cameron admitted) and were the given medals for their “heroic actions” That’s terroism plain and simple. Anyone who thinks what they did was right either needs to read up on their history or get their head checked. The soldiers killed those people in cold blood for no reason. These AR the facts and they have been proved. David Cameron even apologised on behalf of the soldiers.

  • English Over All

    The English were only fulfilling their obligation to realize the betterment of Irish society. They warned the protesters not to March, and so the consequences are placed squarely on the backs of the civil rights leaders and IRA insurrectionists. The English displayed their superior moral authority by agreeing to conduct a tribunal of their own soldiers which proved the existence of criminal element in the midst of the marchers.

  • No I do not.

    I do not believe the Bloody Sunday killings were justified especially since I do not believe in killing another human being no matter what that reason may be. People deserve a chance at life and the chance to be happy and get better if there is something wrong with them, not put to death.

  • The Bloody Sunday killings were not justified.

    Terrorism is never justified, and the Bloody Sunday killings are no exception. It is necessary for both sides of the dispute to agree to terms in a peaceful manner. Terrorism never works and it only results in the senseless killing of innocent people. There should be peace in Northern Ireland.

  • Murder is never justified

    Dear lord no, I would never believe that the Bloody Sunday killings were justified. They were the murders of 26 innocent men, women and children by the British establishment for daring to ask for civil rights. It will forever be a grave travesty of justice that the soldiers who opened fire were never prosecuted.

  • No Killings Justified

    Unfortunately, the Bloody Sunday killings were not justified by any means. These killings were undeserved and should not have been carried out. The fact of the matter is that no person should intentionally kill another, and these killings only made more victims rather than anything else in this day and age.

  • I do not believe that the Bloody Sunday killings were justified.

    I do not believe that the Bloody Sunday killings were justified. I think that the people behind it are criminals and they deserve to be punished for their actions. There was no reason to attack that boat and kill all those innocent people. We deserve an answer to why this was done.

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