• Yes, I think the Bowles-Simpson Plan is a good deficit reduction proposal.

    I think the Bowles-Simpson Plan is a good deficit reduction proposal. I think that it would help to reduce trillions of dollars from the deficit, especially since it's plan is meant to take care of a variety of issues. Those issues include Medicare, Taxes, and other various spending proposals that are a part of the debt.

  • It is Better

    It is a better plan than what they have been doing. Of course, I personally think they could be doing more to create living wage jobs, and that would take care of most of the deficit problem right there. Instead our leaders are focused on the wrong things, as usual. The problem is living wage jobs, not the deficit.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I do think that this plan is a good way to reduce the debt that this country is in. I think that we need to go ahead and put the plan into effect, and see if it will work at taking the governments deficit and cutting it down alot.

  • No, Bowles-Simpson Plan is unrealistic and reactive.

    No, the Bowles-Simpson Plan is not a good deficit reduction proposal. In my opinion, this proposal penalizes the average American and excludes those who may have the financial stability to survive the effects program. There is no doubt that debt is reduced by a decrease in spending and an increase in revenue. However, the proposed plan highlights increases in tax revenues generated from hard working, middle class Americans and a decrease in support programs that help these Americans survive. Perhaps a debt reduction plan should be generated that eliminates unnecessary spending and increases allocation of funds to investment in the stability of our future.

  • No, cutting spending is not the answer currently

    While I believe reducing the federal government's deficit should be a priority for the United States, I don't believe that now is the time for it. Government spending is an important tool for injecting money into the economy and therefore providing jobs, which are desperately needed. Interest rates are very low, so borrowing money costs the government much less right now than at other times in our history. Let's use this opportunity to update our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs.

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