• Yes, I think the budget has been handled in a decent way by Obama.

    I think Obama has taken some great conservative strides in eliminating the budget deficit in the nation, I think there is more work to be done but I believe Obama has done a decent job in being responsible with the budget situation, I think that everyone in the Government realizes the dangerous debt levels we have.

  • No, he has not

    The U.S.A. had a national debt of $0 only once when Andrew Jackson was in office. When Obama took office, the national debt was at about $10 trillion. So in about 170 years, the debt went up $10 trillion, it is now at $18.6 trillion. Obama has nearly spent as much money as the 37 presidents before him spent in 170 years, in only 7.

  • Obama Needs to Be More Aggressive With His Budget

    President Barrack Obama has enjoyed more success this year with his budget issues than he has in the past but he needs to be more aggressive in the future. While having reduced the deficit and avoided another sequester, President Obama has only achieved modest success with his domestic agenda. With still unacceptably high unemployment and lackluster GDP growth, fiscal policy will continue to beleaguer the Obama presidency as long as he remains unambitious when it comes to his budget.

  • Obama has done more harm than good to the economy.

    Under Obama, we were promised spending cuts and deficit reduction. Instead we get expenses like Obamacare, and the national debt keeps climbing. Obama's handling of the budget is at best incompetent, and at worst malicious. His campaign promises of fixing the economy have yet to be fulfilled, and so far is seems he's doing more to make it worse than better.

  • Too Liberal With Finances

    I do not believe the budget has been handled in a decent way by Obama. Personally, I find Obama's handling of this situation to be far too liberal. We have spent a lot of money trying to fix the economy and pursue other things that we simply didn't have. I think doing this is wrong, we shouldn't spend money we don't have.

  • No, Obama has not handled the budget decently.I

    I do not think that Obama has handled the budget in a decent way. I think that Obama has been careless with the economy of the United States of America. I think that Obama has made the economy a lot worse than it was before as well as increasing the national debt.

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