• Yes, the Carbon Tax is a move in the right direction

    I think that we have to start considering the impact that our dependence on fuel is waging on our environment. It's difficult to remove access to something that most people have grown accustomed to having, so the best thing to do is to institute a tax. With a carbon tax most individuals will be motivated to cut back on their fuel dependence.

  • That I s About It

    It definitely will not solve the problem, only people as a whole can do that. If anything it will make people think before they do anything that adds extra pollution. If they can find a way around the tax, you know people will do just that. It is more about getting people to be more conscientious of their environment in general.

  • yes I do

    Yes, I think that the carbon tax is a move in the right direction, and I think that in time more and more programs like this will be put into effect, and this one tax will spiral into many things that will help us with a lot of problems we face.

  • It Can Only Help

    I believe the Carbon Tax is a move in the right direction because it punishes businesses that pollute the air and also gives the financial incentives to find cleaner ways to manufacturer their products. Without things like the Carbon Tax there would be very few ways to stop the companies from polluting.

  • No, it is not.

    There really should not be a carbon tax. It's basically punishing people for living the way society is designed. Taxes are fine and wanting to improve the environment is great, but go about it in a better way than punishing people for living in the modality in which we live.

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