• We are worried.

    Yes, I believe that chances for innovation are killed when programs like PRISM and TEMPORA exist, because people are afraid to speak their minds. We all pretty much assume now that the government is reading all of our emails. With that kind of supervision, we are afraid of doing the wrong thing, because we will end up indicted like Dinesh D'Souza.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe the chances of innovation are killed when programs like PRISM and TEMPORA exist. When individual and company privacy are not guaranteed then innovation immediately falls to the way side. When an organization collects all the information off the Internet they are putting everyone at risk in more ways than we currently understand.

  • No, I don't think Prisma and Tempora kill innovation.

    I think that while intrusive, surveillance programs such as Prism and Tempora kill inovation, especially in the private sector. I think that the issue of extreme surveillance has nothing to do with innovation. People will continue to innovate regardless of the practices of such programs. I think that the two issues are not related.

  • PRISM and TEMPORA have nothing to do with innovation.

    The argument that the government spy programs are stunting innovation at all is a weak one. The idea that surveillance or even apprehension of the criminals that are targeted by the programs is illogical. Innovation does not require illegal practices, conversations, or implementation of software over the Internet, or even just on a computer hooked to the Internet. It requires a problem, an inspired mind, and experimental solutions. PRISM and TEMPORA do not hinder any of these, unless the problem is Internet crime related.

  • They still happen

    No, I do not think that innovation is killed when programs like these exist. I think that new advances are always going to happen, and just because a program like this is in effect, we can still push forward with our new technology, and make the world a better place.

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