Do you believe the Chevy Colorado deserves to be Motor Trend's 2015 Truck of the Year?

  • Yes, the Chevy Colorado deserves to be Motor Trend's 2015 Truck of the Year.

    There are a lot of great trucks in the United States, and 2014 was an especially good year for them, but the Chevy Colorado is by far the best. You have to sit in one to believe it. They are tough, awesome, and super powerful. It is no wonder the Motor Trend chose the Chevy Colorado.

  • Chevy Colorado got great honors as Motor Trend's 2015 Truck of the Year

    Every year Motor Trend picks out a vehicle to be the Truck of the Year. In 2015, this prestigious honor was awarded to Chevy Colorado. This year there has also been a debate on the decision as drivers say there were better choices. The Chevy vehicle has a high driver's satisfaction rating and has numerous options for drivers making it the perfect choice.

  • Not a real truck

    Truck of the year should be for full size pickups only. OR, they should have full size truck of the year, and little itty bitty truck of the year. Tow rating of 7700 pounds isn't going to cut it for most of us true truck buyers. A 6000 pound trailer would wag this truck all over the road and I wouldn't feel safe drive beside it, let alone in it.

  • Cheaply made and raddle within the first 6 months and burn oil after 18 months.

    Only truck and cars are worse are dodge/chrysler vehicles. They drive squirrelly and just make Ford trucks design ahead of their times. One might think Motor trend might have been bought out since all winners were Chevy's... ..... ...... ...... ... .. .. . . . . .. .. Suspicious

  • The truck sucks

    I don't think so because i don't like chevy vehicles one bit. I think they feel cheap. I don't like they had to get a bail out from the government. I don't like the look of them.. I don't even like the look of the people that drive them lol

  • Apparently toyota or nissan didn't have a redesigned truck out .

    Chevy could make a all new el camino and it would win the truck of the year. Motor Trend s opinions are a joke. I love when they compare vehicles. Example; one vehicle could be quicker, ride better, and get better mileage then the others, however it just didn't quite get thru the corners as well (at 90mph in a mini van) therefore they give it third place. P.S. Right behind the toyota and honda.

  • No, Chevy Colorado has airbag problems

    It seems strange that anyone wanting to have their criticisms taken seriously would justify adding a truck that has been publicly lambasted for airbag issues as Truck of the Year. The airbag issue is so serious, Chevy has delayed deliveries to dealerships. Fortune for Chevy, less than 100 Chevy Colorado trucks have actually made it out into the public, thus keeping them from having a messy recall issue. But it definitely doesn't speak favorably on Motor Trend, who now looks like they may have been convinced to name it Truck of the Year by more corrupt means.

  • No, I believe there are way better cars out there

    I think the Chevy Colorado doesn't deserve to be motor trend's 2015 truck of the year because, they are far better cars out there, that deserve to be Motor Trend's 2015 ___ of the year. I think they need to re evaluate their 2015 motor trend list as soon as possible.

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