• Citizens of the USA should be able to help with everything

    Citizens of the USA should be able to voice there own opinion on almost all programs that they can cut. I understand that we elect officials on political stuff, but there are certain times even they don't really speak for the people. I believe this country is great when we can voice are opinion on everything but it usually falls on deaf ears when it comes to programs that the governement wants to cut.

  • No reason to not have direct democracy

    Now, more than ever, we have the tools and mechanisms to create direct democratic functions into our government. This does not mean we should abandon our republic over night and cast out all the representatives, but rather that representatives could more clearly understand the desires of the masses with direct democratic input. This ignores media control issues and other issues of cognitive bias, but the mechanism for citizens to have a say has never been easier to make - and there is no clear reason to not use it.

  • Yes, citizens should have a voice in regards to program cutting.

    I definitely think citizens have the right to voice their opinions regarding which programs the government decides to cut. The citizens are the ones who pay for such programs. And they also pay for the politicians' wages as well. It is ony right that their opinions should matter greatly to the government.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would be a good idea if all of the people here had a say in what types of programs are cut and which ones will get to stay around. I think that things such as the Farm Bill are really important to the nation long term.

  • No, I don't believe United States citizens should have a voice regarding what programs get cut.

    The largest voice a US citizen has in Government is electing the Congressman/women that represents them, if people voted for those who were for/against certain programs that is your voice, I don't believe there should be a chance for US citizens to speak when the Government is debating cutting certain programs.

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