Do you believe the Confederate flag should be displayed on public property?

  • It should be allowed

    The Confederate Flag is a part of our history, and should be flown where it has historically been active. If we forget our history, we will be doomed to repeat it. If you try to prevent it, you are trying to change history. Changing history is wrong and is a sign of how the government tries to control us

  • Me the Storm Sparrow I am the Sparrow The Sparrow among sparrows

    It should obviously be allowed, this is such a clear Constitutional issue. Freedom of expression in clear in the first amendment. However, it should obviously not be forced to b displayed that doesn't make any sense. Maybe you don't want to be forced to fly a flag representing a representative democracy that is actually an oligarchy.

  • I don't think the confederate flag should be flown.

    The confederate flag is actually the banner of traitors. They believed what they were doing was patriotic, but they admittedly rebeled against the Union. Worse, they lost. If the traitors had toppled the Union, I doubt the stars and stripes would be allowed anywhere. Shortly after the civil war, those found with a confederate flag in their possession could be put to death on the spot for treason. The only reason the union stopped this practice was to win the hearts and minds of the southern citizenry.

  • No I do not.

    I do not believe that the Confederate flag should be displayed on public property. Although the flag means different things to different people, to many it symbolizes racism and should not be displayed. It is bad enough to see it on a hillbillies lawn, yet alone town hall. So no it shouldn't be displayed.

  • It shouldn't be on public property.

    The Confederate flag is not the official flag of any state or of this Nation, so no, it should not be displayed. Furthermore, it is considered to be offensive by some, if not many, people. It shouldn't be displayed due to its offensive nature, and simply because there is no reason for it to be displayed.

  • It is not a state flag.

    No, I do not believe that the Confederate flag should be displayed on public property, with the exceptions of museums and for historical purposes. The Confederate flag is no longer an official flag of any union or municipality, so there is no reason to fly that flag over any other non-official flag. We should fly the American flag and the flags of states and municipalities.

  • Shouldn't Be Used

    I do not believe there is any purpose to display the Confederate flag in public within the United States. I've never understood this principal. If the Confederate Flag was used by the south and they were beat in the Civil Way, then why would symbolism for what is essentially a dead country, remain in tact.

  • It is a hateful reminder

    I think that the confederate flag should be banned because it is a hateful reminder. It goes back to where certain people were unequal and that really wasn't fair. Also, to people who have African-American heritage or relatives who were slaves. Some people get a stab of pain every time they walk past on of the flags.

  • That flag is stupid

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