Do you believe the Console vs. PC debates are childish?

Asked by: Hawkecrail
  • The debate is very immature

    All i see in this debate is both the console and pc side harassing each other. Pcs and consoles are very similar in some aspects and somtimes different. Consoles and pc are target for different people. What makes this debate pointless is in conclusion pc is subjectively better than consoles in most way, but console are more for a different types of people.

    There is also a reason why this debate exist:

    Console gamers and pc gamers from both side often being a jerk to one another which can cause each sides seeing each other as a evil thing.

    In the video game industry, whatever happens to the console market it will affect the pc market or vice versa, which can lead a lot of people to argue that this platform is hurting this platform

    The next reason this debate existed is how people justify their purchase of a item. Most gamers from both sides make each other feel bad so they could feel good for them selfs.

    The whole pc vs console debate is pointless because it did not contribute to anything to reality

  • Pointless babbling about hardware

    The console wars are just stupid. Who cares if you have a PS4 Or an Xbox 1 or a Switch, or a PC. They're all perfectly good consoles, why do we feel the need to shit on the others solely because we have a console? It just makes you sound like an arrogant asshole with a 'holier than thou' mentality. And I find that kind of person extremely annoying.

  • There's debating and then there is arguing like children.

    I do play consoles a lot more, but let's be honest, PC's are so much more powerful and they have a better interface. The only downside is the price, which most casual gamers like myself would cringe at the price after purchasing the parts to put together a beast machine. (I do have both but I'm not a hardcore-Russian-CSGO playing Cyka Blyad screaming elitist, I'm just casual).

  • It really is.

    It is a fact that PC is better than console. PC's can be VERY costly to be good, but consoles usually have you pay a fee to just have access to online privileges. Games with PC: Mod support, better load times (this can be nullified with too many mods though), easier to patch, etc.

  • Undoubtedly Childish (Because PCs are indisputably the best)

    It's undoubtedly a childish argument to argue over whether a console or a PC is the better choice for gaming...

    Besides, everyone knows that PCs are the best.

    Why would you want to pay $400 for a fancy name, and then blow and additional $100-$500 every year? You have to PAY to play online? What idiot thought that one up?

    Most consoles aren't even on the same playing field when it comes to hardware.

  • For the most part yes

    It's the same as ps4 vs xbox one, I don't really dabble in it, though I personally cannot resist commenting on such debates if people are simply stating false information, for example saying graphics look better on the console or that the console is more powerful etc stuff like that, outside that I don't care all that much about it.

    But yeah it is childish to have entire flame wars deciding which is better, it's like LoL vs Dota, which is better? Neither as it's all personal preference

  • They are childish

    Only kids would ever fight about anything and never come to an agreement about it. All it is is a back and forth mess where neither side will ever give up yet they still keep going. It seems like nobody can just realize people have preferences and won't care whether one is better than the other, if at all. One look at the debates section will tell you all you need to know.

  • Avoid it. Besides, debates do no harm.

    People often fight about these because it's what they believe, and quite frankly, it's either you want to be in the argument or not.

    The Xbox-PlayStation arguments has been flying back and forth since the 2000s, and the PC-console argument has been going on too far to consider them as childish since it now involves so many people. It all comes down to opinion, comparisons won't change opinions.

    Sure, this may sound like a "yes" answer, but personally, I don't think these debates are childish, especially since services provided by each machine will multiply over the years and more competition and debates will be held.

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