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  • No,the cost of the Iraq war was not worth it.

    No,the cost of the Iraq war was not worth it.The United States as well as its allies spent billions of dollars for no discernable benefits.There was not a clear objective or exit strategy so the United States stayed in Iraq without a goal.This is not even to mention the thousands of American lives that were lost in the conflict.

  • No, the cost of the war in Iraq was not worth it.

    I think that while a lot of people supported the Iraq War, many were puzzled by the decision by the U.S.A. to spend billions of dollars to rebuild the country. A lot of people were in agreement that such funds should have been used to help communities here in the states.

  • No, I don't believe the cost of the Iraq war was worth it at all.

    I believe the Iraq War was a unfortunate drain on both our Armed Service members and our Nations treasury, the United States indebted itself even further to a great deal during the war in Iraq, I don't believe we got the outcome out of the war that we desired and I believe overall it was a disasterous waste of life and money.

  • What did we get out of it

    We lost a lot of lives on both sides. Many of them were innocent civilians. Probably destroyed a lot of lives, for the ones who did survive, with all the violence they saw. Spent a grip of tax payer money that we could of been using to fix our country. I would venture to say, the war was not worth the cost.

  • No, the cost of the Iraq War was not worth it.

    The Iraq War was started based on lies fed to the world by Colin Powell at the United Nations. There were never any weapons of mass destruction and the intelligence received was ill gotten from a non credible source, exposing the neo-conservative movements' manipulation of the American public. Since the start of the war Iraq has been plagued with sectarian violence and massive unrest. The American military destroyed ancient sites during the invasion and little effort was made to restore the land and infrastructure. Money has been stolen, lost, and unaccounted for, and the war has cost several times more than originally estimated. There was no resolution and the violence within the country is worse now than it was before American troops went it.

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