• Magats want their freedumb

    Yes it is. , I got my second dose back in February and I haven't been sick, Become magnetic, My testicles haven't blown up, Ect. , Ect. , Ect. . . . . The idiots who believe these things compare well to people who lived in the middle ages, Who believed that evil spirits caused illness and that the earth was flat. That aside, Who in the hell takes medical advice from knuckleheads like Joe Rogan, Nicki Minaj or Jim Breuer (aka Jim Who? Er? ) The so called argument and associated cavalier attitudes are based in "We don't know what is in it" or "It was developed too fast and must be studied more". , "So I'm not getting it" People smoke or vape and eat food that they have no knowledge of what is in that and never question these things, But won't take a potentially life saving vaccine, W-T-F?
    Epidemiologists and Virologists have knowledge of Corona Viruses,
    that along with working on a vaccine 24 hours a day to combat this strain produced the vaccines. Totally unlike our former president who bluffed, Bullshitted and spit balled goofy ideas along with basically wishing it away with his tiny hands over is eyes and ears. However, Quite a few people were good with that and voted to reelect him. , Fortunately for our country, 7 million in excess of that total voted him out. One last thing, It was reported that a US Army Lieutenant Colonel resigned his commission in protest to a military vaccine mandate. This guy blew up a 19 year career, That is one short of the minimum retirement requirement. , He also said that the military was becoming "Marxist" because of the mandate. That is sheer brilliance Mr. Light Colonel. Bridges burnt! MAGA!
    I served in the military and vaccines were part of the requirement
    to serve and I'm sure he received them as well, So it isn't "Marxist"
    simply "Mandatory" I'm sure he will be booked on Fox News (who are all vaccinated by the by) to spew some garbage on the way to wherever career awaits him. Well the world always needs more Walmart greeters.

  • When Dumb Meets Ignorant Meets Immoral Meets Stupid Anti Vaxxers, Trump Supporters, Trump TV and The GOP

    Certainly it is safe and effective. , I got it ASAP.
    It's no revelation that the anti vaxxers were around long before
    the pandemic and it was equally idiotic back then as now, They helped usher back into prominence practically eradicated diseases such as measles. This regressive fear mongering B. S. Has now allied with the willful ignorance of MAGA who are determined to "own the libs", Even if it means dying to do it by not getting vaccinated. When I see and hear these pinheads spouting off I think back, And Trump was right about one thing. , He did win in 2016 with the "poorly educated". The talking heads like Hannity, Carlson, Et. Al. That these fools hang on the every word of, Are "Just asking questions" about the vaccine, Yes they are, Idiotic questions to stoke fear in their foolish audience who gleefully lap it all up like some sort of loyalty test for Trump and the MAGAverse.
    While all along they won't say if they were vaccinated when we know that is tantamount to a "Yes". They aren't fools like their audience, They are simply morally corrupt and willing to throw their army of lemmings in the path of the COVID-19 bus. A majority of GOP congressmen are cut from the same cloth. I wonder if they were on a sinking ship if they would "have questions" about the lifeboats before stepping in. I think not. These type of people would be on the first lifeboat, All the while telling you that staying on the sinking ship is totally safe and you're right to ask questions about lifeboat safety.
    However, If this is your thing and you just can't quit Orange Julius Caesar and the MAGA cretin hoard, Then Bon Voyage.

  • Covid vaccine is a rushed vaccine and we don’t know how safe it is

    Everyone says that this vaccine is safe and effective when vaccines are normally tested for years and takes years to develop. How was this vaccine completed in less that a year and people should trust it. The covid vaccine is a fufu vaccine because it can’t even stop transmission and people still die who get covid that are old. Vaccine is inefficient and we quite frankly don’t know all the side effects but the so called experts think they know everything

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JDawgz says2021-01-27T10:46:53.387
Really, I'm not sure at this point tbh.

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