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Do you believe the creationism versus evolution debate is appropriate for public high school classes?

  • Of course! Free speech for all!

    Debates are good, and anything other than exposure to multiple view points is propaganda. Free speech promotes intelligence, because the more contradiction you see, the more you must either think, or become agnostic out of laziness (no implications intended). Also, since there is much stronger evidence for creationism, people will be more likely to believe it despite the other forced beliefs from school teachers.

  • It is provocative.

    Yes, I believe that the creationism vs evolution debate is an appropriate one for classrooms, because they can debate a hot topic. That is a topic that a lot of students would be interested in. If students are interested in learning about a topic, they will be more interested in showing up to class.

  • Appropriate for public high schools

    Creationism verses evolution is appropriate for public high school because this the age where they start wondering about those type of things and hear there friends bring the topic up. Other religious views and life choice issues are discussed in history as well as sexual education, so you should be able to discuss creationism verse evolution.

  • Debate Yes, Teaching no.

    Most any debate is appropriate for classrooms. They are a place for learning. However, formal teaching and lesson plans for creationism is not appropriate, unless it is in a mythology class. Creationism is most certainly inappropriate for science classrooms. Once the issue is resolved on a societal level, the debate will be relegated to the trash bin and only referenced as ancient mythology, much as the Greek gods.

  • Debating yes, teaching no

    Science classes should teach evolution, however if students want to debate creationism vs. Evolution amongst each other than it should be accepted as long as they are debating respectfully. It would help students to be more aware of the different opinions in the world and therefore make them more educated in their beliefs. It would also help them to be more accepting of other ideas and able to understand diversity.

  • Yes, Of Course!

    It's important for students to have a firm belief in what they believe in, and only teaching evolution is propaganda. Whether you believe in God or not, it's still important to teach different theories. Also, not to be picky, but Creation and Evolution are two different subjects. Creation is how the earth was created, and Evolution is how species came to be what they are today. They are not mutually exclusive:)

  • I believe the creationism versus evolution debate is appropriate for public high school classes.

    I believe the creationism versus evolution debate is appropriate for public high school classes. In high school students are at the appropriate age to make their own decisions about life and this is a good time to discuss this subject. Every student has their own opinion on the matter and they should learn about both topics.

  • No, there is no debate.

    The idea that creationism can be considered in the same realm of factual veracity as evolution is false. Evolution is a non-debatable scientific fact backed by years of exhaustive biological research and consensus building by thousands of scientists and researchers. Creationism is pseudo-science at best, it is an arbitrary and contrived version of reality put forth by evangelical religious figures who feel that science is incompatible with their version of religion. Creationism has no place in any public high school and teaching it is a waste of taxpayer money.

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