• Gets around the trees.

    Yes, I believe that the cut move should be allowed for Pokemon Luxray, because the cut move allows you to remove trees. The trees are a significant obstacle, and it's hard to get ahead without being able to cut through the trees. It's a video game, so the fact that it's a lion that can cut is the least of the game's problems.

  • Sure Why Not

    Pokemon is so important I spend 90% of my day playing, forget eating, this game rocks! I believe the cut move should be allowed for Pokemon Luxray, in fact I'm going to start using it in this way. But let's be honest here for a second, not even my 7 year old pays attention to Pokemon...

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that it is a very good move to be made, and that a whole lot of people like to do it and that they like to have it up on the game. I think that they do not need to change it since a lot of people like it.

  • Cut Should Be Allowed In Pokemon Luxry

    I think that the move cut should be allowed in Pokemon Luxury. I think that cut is a classic move that has been a staple part of Pokemon since the first game. It is a good move for low level Pokemon to have. It can be replaced by other moves as the Pokemon is levelled up.

  • Should be allowed

    The cut move should be allowed for Pokemon Luxray because it is critical to the formula. Most people want this to be this way and just a few people do not want the move to be allowed. This would change the way Pokemon is played if a crucial move like the cut were removed.

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