Do you believe the Dalits are still experiencing discrimination?

  • The white collered people or so called, educated people of the Nation-India, are playing and strenthening, the political- games of the dalit-discriminations.

    The each and every birth of the citizen of the Nation-India, is being discriminated by the state-executive-power, to determine its status by the birth-mark of the caste or religion or race or sex or its various-social-groups or the minority-group of various-religions , to keep or put each and every citizen of the Nation-India, from "his birth to death", in separate baskets, having different-social-status by the birth, perfectly based on the theory of karma and life-purpose. And this phenomenon of the so called white collered or so called educated people of the Nation-India, is developed in the hearts or minds or souls or all senses of the human body; perfectly based on the principles of the theory of karma and life-purpose in the ancient-Indian-culture. , and the real- dalits or poor people of the Nation-India, are, the real victims of this type of discriminations. This principle of the discrimination of the Indian-people is basic reason behind the such type of un-natural or un-scientific-discriminations ; and it is the highest crime against the humanity and state of the Nation-India , The discriminations of people based on the principles of the theory of karma and life-purpose, are un-natural or un-scientific and requires to be banned by the highest-state-executive-power of the Nation-India; by imposing the highest penal action i.E, the death penalty for such criminals.

  • Yes they are.

    I do believe the Dalits are still experiencing discrimination. There are plenty people who are still discriminating against the Dalits. They are not the only ones who are still experiencing discrimination. There is no one in the world , no matter race or anything else, are free from all discrimination.

  • Yes, It's old caste system in India.

    Dalits have traditionally participated in animal slaughter, garbage collection in India.
    I can say, It's old caste system in India Discrimination against Dalits still exists in rural areas in the private sphere in India.Indians who were born in historically discriminated minority castes. India has more slaves than all other countries.

  • As long as they are still called Dalits, they will be discriminated.

    The world is constantly obsessed with titles, names, and classifications. If there is a way to distinguish you from me, then I will use that to establish how that makes me better than you. This is the ego at work and inspired Freud. This phenomenon is not beyond the Dalits and the rest of India. Those that discriminate against the Dalits do so to make themselves feel superior.

  • I think the Dalits face discrimination.

    I think that any group of people or race definitely face some sort of discrimination, especially those who have a belief that a majority do not agree with. Even though I do not think the discrimination is as bad as it was before, its still exists. But like I said, that can be said for any group of people.

  • There is an affirmative action program.

    Yes, I believe that the Dalits are still experiencing discrimination, because they need an affirmative action system in order to combat the problems they are experiencing. The Dalits are trapped in the caste system of India, but they are looked down on because they speak other languages and for their minority status.

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