• Michael was the biggest pop star and global mega star of all time

    Michael Jackson garnered just about the same number of views for his memorial service as Princess Diana, he has the biggest selling album ever, and is the third biggest selling artist of all time. He is the biggest selling BLACK artist of all time and is arguably the greatest entertainer that ever lived (at least in modern times) We haven't seen anyone with his type of talent, impact and influence. He was global and his cultural impact far exceeds that of just a US pop star. He changed music as well as entertainment. He is a American cultural icon like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, etc but unlike them he was more global and is the most famous artist ever. SO yes!

  • A big deal

    Yes, I think that if you look at how big and famous his death was, then it was just as comparable to the death of princess diana, and that just as many people were sad about his death as they were about hers, since he was so famous and liked.

  • They were loved by millions.

    All though the circumstances of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson's death were completely different, the affects of their passing had similar results. Both were loved by millions of people internationally. For this reason both of their deaths received huge news coverage. Last but not least, both of their deaths were surrounded by rumors of foul play and conspiracy.

  • No, Princess Diana was much more tragic

    Though the death of Michael Jackson, one of the greatest pop stars of all time, if not the greatest, was not as sudden or as tragic as Princes Diana's. An entire nation was in awe as she had recently married Charles and was on the eyes on millions at that time.

  • No, the death of Michael Jackson is not comparable to the death of Princess Diana.

    No, the death of Michael Jackson, though tragic, is not comparable to the death of Princess Diana. Michael Jackson was an amazingly talented singer and songwriter, but Princess Diana was royalty in her country. Michael Jackson was not a person America loved, they simply loved his music. Princess Diana, on the other hand, was beloved by the entire world and people still reference her death as a tragedy. In addition, despite circumstances, a car accident is much more tragic than a drug overdose, whether or not the doctor had a hand in the dosing. Everyone was aware that Michael Jackson had severe emotional and mental problems. Princess Diana's death shocked the world and the two should not be compared.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the death of Michael Jackson is comparable to Princess Diana's death. These cases are so different there's absolutely nothing to compare about them. Princess Diana was the victim of paparazzi and drunk driving, while one could say Michael Jackson died at his own hands due to his dependence on drugs.

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