• It's a problem

    Once the debt comes due it'll be bad. Government has overspent for far too long and when this goes bad it's going to be really really bad really fast. Both parties are responsible for it, and all of them should be in prison for it. 10 trillion under bush, another 10 under obama, and it's probably going to be me and my generation's kid's generation who pay the price for their foolish greed. The actual deficit growing is only a piece of the problem. This could actually create the conditions needed for Revelations to happen though: the debt bubble exploding would shake the world, and might just set off ww3, causing the Antichrist's proposed "solution" to look good to many people

  • Eventually we need to pay it off

    There are other issues that are even more important. But when it's feasible we need to pay it off.

    In act the deficit isn't even the issue so much as the debt is.

    When we take care of that we should start saving extra money just in case we need to spend more than we take in.

  • It needs to be dealt with

    I believe the deficit is a serious, urgent matter that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If we continue to let debt add up, we will never be able to get the country back in good running order. One of the first things that needs to be taken care of within our government is the deficit and other debt.

  • Deficit Must Be Taken Care Of

    The budget deficit must be taken care of soon or else there will be major problems in the U.S. government when programs become insolvent. If the deficit still looms, it will be difficult to start new programs or raise revenue. A budget deficit means more taxpayer money goes towards interest on loans rather than actual programs. The deficit needs to be overhauled now.

  • Yes, I believe that the deficit is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed

    The budget deficit that the United States operates on is an unacceptable way to operate a nation. The deficit that is passed every year in the budget is being added to our national debt. If our debt becomes too great, the economy in the United States might cease because of the weakness of United States Treasury bonds.

  • People will stop lending.

    Yes, I believe that the deficit is an urgent matter, because if other nations do not trust us to pay off our debt, they will stop lending to us. It is also important for our economy that we live within our means. There is no time like the present to tighten our belts and start acting responsibly as a nation with our money.

  • it is a distraction.

    It is not always a bad sign when a country has a defecit or debt. It is a sign that the country is spending money. Economics is a house of cards, and the house of cards needs to be manipulated. As long as the country is spending well, it matters not.

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